‘General Hospital’ Kidnapping: Who Took TJ? Will This Cause Sonny And Carly’s Wedding To Be Called Off?

There is another mystery to solve on General Hospital, but it looks like this one will be solved very quickly. At the end of Wednesday’s episode, TJ Ashford was about ready to head to Sonny and Carly’s wedding with a cake in hand when he was grabbed from behind and dragged off. It looks like TJ, and the homemade wedding cake he just made, may not show up for the nuptials after all. According to spoilers by Celebrity Dirty Laundry,TJ will be kept in a warehouse all tied up.

Of course, anything can happen when there is a constant mob war going on, and the teen is right in the middle of it. TJ is now living with mobster Sonny Corinthos instead of his police commissioner mom, and that puts him in real danger.

It is also Sonny and Carly’s wedding day, and something always happens to interrupt the ceremony. This is their fifth time at the altar, so fans are bracing themselves to find out what may happen this time around.

TV Source recently shared some photos of this upcoming General Hospital event, and Carly looks exquisite in her silvery wedding dress. The sneak peek shows that Michael, along with new girl Sabrina, makes it to the ceremony and enjoys spending some time with baby sister Avery. It’s great to see him so happy. Morgan is also looking spiffy for the wedding, but will he end up causing a scene?

Wedding planner Maxie Jones is there, as well as Sonny’s eldest son, Dante, and wife, Lulu. Of course, Valerie is also in attendance. She is seen lurking in the background as Dante and Lulu are admiring baby Avery. There are rumors that Valerie will be pregnant with Dante’s baby after their one-night tryst.

Viewers will also get another glimpse of Carly’s mom, Bobbie Spencer. She was last seen saying goodbye to her brother, Luke Spencer, a few weeks ago, but now she is celebrating her daughter’s special day.

These photos are a fun sneak peek at the wedding, but there is one person who is missing from those photos. The groom seems to be missing. Does that mean that Sonny gets wind of TJ’s kidnapping right before the ceremony and goes off to save him?

Who could have taken TJ? It could be Julian Jerome, or maybe a new mobster in Port Charles. There have been many General Hospital rumors swirling lately that there is someone else that has raged war on Sonny Corinthos for his territory. Brad’s family could be involved, as well.

Who is your guess on who took TJ? Will Sonny and Carly really go through with their wedding vows this time on General Hospital?

[Photo courtesy of Michael Buckner / Getty Images]