WWE News: Massive Backstage Heat On WWE NXT Star Blue Pants

WWE has experienced a huge growth in their company since 2014. Not only have they improved in stocks, but WWE itself has made more money than ever. While business might be good, it seems WWE is trying to also be the best at what they are supposed to be good at: pro wrestling. While the main roster has given us impressive matches, it seems that WWE NXT has managed to get praise that the main roster never received. Fans from all over the world claim NXT is arguably the best product in all of pro wrestling.

This says a lot, seeing as other places such as TNA, ROH, and NJPW have given us great matches and storylines off and on. It makes sense to think that many people want to work for WWE, but that does not mean WWE is willing to sign everyone. Sometimes people come in and are an instant hit. WWE then has to continue bringing them back, but that does not mean they have to sign this person. The two biggest examples of this are Leva Bates and Samoa Joe.

Joe has been working Indy dates along with NXT, but it is said that WWE plans to have him under their banner completely by the end of this month. Meanwhile, Bates is still not signed to an exclusive deal, which has drawn her a lot of heat among people within NXT. Known as Blue Pants in WWE NXT, she has gotten over massively. The thought was that she would come in for a random appearance as an enhancement talent. However, Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore got her over the minute she came in, and the NXT fans have loved her ever since.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Blue Pants is not signed to a deal with WWE, which means she does not have to show up for training every day like everyone else has to do. She also is still working Indy dates and has actually increased her pay per date. On top of all of this, she is selling merchandise and not having to split it with WWE. Talent, mostly NXT Divas, have gotten ticked over this and the fact that WWE brought her in for the WWE NXT Takeover: Brooklyn special when any other girl under contract could have had that spot.

If that wasn’t enough on her plate, people also are not liking her backstage because NXT creative is giving her pushes, and she is getting over more than most other girls on the NXT roster right now.

Despite all of this, in interviews, Blue Pants has mentioned that she would love to be under an exclusive deal with WWE. However, WWE has not given her this opportunity yet. It is thought that now, since she is involved in a big angle, WWE will end up signing her to a deal. If not, resentment may very well continue to grow for her.

[IMG Credit: What Culture]