Meghan Trainor Updates Fans After Surgery

Meghan Trainor took to Instagram yesterday to let her fans know she is doing well after throat surgery. The left side of photo shows her geared up in a hospital cap and gown, presumably getting ready for the procedure. On the right, Trainor is shown post-surgery, signaling that everything is “a-ok.”

“I look so hurt haha I survived tho!” the pop star joked, poking fun at the tired, sad look on her face in the after photo.

She later tweeted that she had gotten her vocal cords checked by her doctor and that everything was looking good, but that she was struggling a bit with not being able to talk.

Trainor canceled the remainder of her M Train tour just a few weeks ago, announcing on Instagram that she had hemorrhaged a vocal cord and would need to take a break from performing. She had already canceled several shows a month before that, but after reportedly getting bronchitis, her condition worsened and she had no choice but to cancel the rest of the dates, which were originally scheduled to run through September.

She’s been staying active on social media in the interim, however, and tweeted just before the surgery, “I miss touring and seeing you all… Getting my surgery done tomorrow morning. Thanks for the support..”

Trainor still has an estimated six weeks before she’ll be able to start performing again, but her career continues to move forward even while she recovers. It came to light earlier this week that Rascal Flatt’s next single from their album Rewind will be “I Like the Sound of That,” a song that was co-written by none other than the 21-year-old “All About That Bass” singer herself. The song is expected to start playing on the radio over the next month, which will hopefully help to lift Trainor’s spirits as she continues to rest.

And if that’s not enough to get her feeling better, the support pouring in from fans seems to be as abundant as ever. The kind words directed towards her are posted all over Twitter and Instagram, coming from fans and fellow celebrities alike, surely warming the young singer’s heart. We hope you feel better soon, Meghan!

[Image courtesy of Ethan Miller / Getty Images]