Zahra Schreiber Fired From WWE Over Nazi Posts, Fires Back At Social Media With Hate Speech

WWE ex-Diva Zahra Schreiber is proving to be a bad girl on social media. It all started when a couple of images surfaced from 2012 with Nazi symbolism. Now that the WWE has fired her, she has gotten worse.

Zahra is beginning to gain a notoriety for being offensive, though at one point it wasn’t her fault. At that time, Seth Rollins’ ex-fiancée, Leighla Schultz, had hacked into the accounts of both Rollins and Schreiber and posted nude photos of them. Schultz eventually confessed to the deed, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

What ended up getting Zahra fired from the WWE was a picture of a My Little Pony character dressed as Adolf Hitler, and another photo of a swastika on the wall of her room. She ended up trying to explain that the symbol used to represent something positive, but due to the inclusion of the “Hitler pony,” the explanation didn’t work.

Zahra Schreiber has since fired back at social media for their judgment of her Instagram shenanigans. Unfortunately, it seems she is getting more offensive, according to What Culture. In the comments on other Instagram posts, she said something which led to her being considered racist.

“I do love all Disney princesses except Tiana from [The Princess and The Frog].”

Instagram user AngieOrlando stated that it was because Tiana was black, to which Schreiber replied with a winking emoticon. While the emoticon isn’t really a confirmation, it was taken that way.

Other comments included Zahra ranting at fans.

“When fa**ots talk sh** on the internet all the time [because] they think they’ll never have to face that person. Fu**ing coward bi***es.”

The Spreadit reports that Zahra Schreiber has responded further to fans wondering about the images which got her fired from the WWE.

“It’s really not anyone’s business anyway. I can post whatever photos I want, if you don’t like them, my feelings won’t be hurt if you unfollow. thanks! I am in love with the photo of Maria Magdalena!

It’s not a big deal! I can hang whatever photos I want in MY room or MY Instagram. Just like she can post all over her networking sites how she thinks women who are [pro-life] are idiots. We all have our own opinions and lifestyles. I don’t comment on hers so I expect the same.

Believed what way? [One] of my best friends back home is black and another is married to a black man. I dislike people for their actions not their race. If it happens to be a black, Asian or white person so be it. Mind your business. I’m not all on your shit for things you say that I have no respect for.”

What do you think of Zahra Schreiber’s response to fans and previous posts?

[Image via Zahra Screiber / Twitter]