Asus GX700 Is The World’s First Water-Cooled Laptop

The Asus GX700 is the latest buzz among gamers. What makes this different among other gaming laptops, you ask? The gaming laptop comes with a water-cooling system, which is a first in the world. Neat, right?

The Asus water-cooled laptop was first teased in Berlin, Germany, at this year’s IFA, a trade show for appliances and electronics. As of writing, there are very few details revealed about the Asus GX700. We know that like most of the gaming laptops included in Asus’ Republic of Gamers (ROG) range, the Asus GX700 will have a big 17-inch screen with a 4K display, as reported by PC Mag. Other features of the laptop include the Intel K-series Skylake processor, which is said to be overclockable to ensure maximum performance while playing games that can be heavy for a standard laptop. Furthermore, the Asus GX700 will have the latest NVIDIA graphics.

Now on to the water-cooling system. The Asus GX700 comes with a water cooler that is attached to the back part of the laptop. The cooling system is obviously bulky to carry around, but that may not be a big deal to gamers who already use heavy laptops that are too heavy to carry around anyway. As Extreme Tech reports, the Asus water-cooled laptop can still run without the water cooler. However, using the laptop with the water cooler increases the machine’s performance by up to 80 percent, and that is a big deal for those who like playing those big games.

Asus GX700

As said, there is very little information about the Asus GX700 right now, but according to reports, it will be available at this year’s last quarter. There is no price range available for the laptop as well, but we can expect it to be more expensive than high-end gaming laptops available right now because of it’s new water-cooling feature.

If the water-cooling system of the Asus GX700 does not appeal to you, Asus has also announced the ROG G752, which comes with the Skylake Intel processors. There are three types of the ROG G752 available, with specifications ranging from the Core i7-6700HQ to Core i7-6820HK and with graphics that span from GeForce GTX 965m up to GeForce GTX 980m. The ROG G752 starts at $1,500, which we can assume is less than what the GX700 will be worth.

What do you think about the Asus GX700’s water-cooling system? Are you interested in purchasing one, or do you think it’s something that you don’t really need? Share your comments below.

[Images via Asus Facebook/Press Room]