Jimmy Kimmel Emoji-fies Miley Cyrus’ Feud With Nicki Minaj [Video]

Jimmy Kimmel has a solution for those of us who were as confused as Miley Cyrus when Nicki Minaj’s VMA acceptance speech suddenly swerved into shade-throwing territory. With a little help from his Wall of America, and a library of emojis, Kimmel broke the rumored feud down into terms we can all understand.

According to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host’s emoji-fied explanation of the timeline, the whole thing got started when a reporter from the New York Times asked Miley, as represented by an emoji with squinting eyes and a stuck-out tongue, about the feud between Minaj and Taylor Swift.

Just in case the emjojis weren’t clear enough for everyone to follow along, Kimmel also narrated the entire exchange.

“A few days ago, Miley Cyrus gave an interview to the New York Times, in which she said some unflattering things about Nicki Minaj. The Times reporter asked about the Taylor Swift Nicki Minaj feud. Twitter feud. Leading up to the VMAs. And Miley said, ‘Nicki was jealous, and unkind, and unpolite.'”

As he progressed through the timeline, the ever-helpful Jimmy Kimmel had an emoji ready for everything, including a blonde woman with a crown to represent Taylor Swift and a coiled snake to stand in for Minaj’s hit “Anaconda.”

The full video can be viewed below, via Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Warning: The clip contains some strong language.)

Before he was done, Jimmy made sure to throw in a dig at Kanye West’s announcement that he would run for president in four years.

“And then the world ended,” Kimmel finished, suggesting that, perhaps, we had now seen it all.

So we now understand, having seen Jimmy Kimmel break it down, that Minaj’s problem with Cyrus stems from Cyrus’ opinion on Minaj’s beef with Swift. But Minaj and Swift had already made up at that point, as they performed together at the VMAs. Thanks, Jimmy.

Wait, is that still confusing?

As if it wasn’t already confusing enough, sources told People that Minaj wasn’t even serious when she called Miley out.

According to the source, “Nicki was joking, as you could see her laughing toward the end.”

If Minaj was joking, Miley may not have been in on it. As seen in this Vine loop, she seems to react with genuine surprise when the “Anaconda” singer put her on blast.

According to Us Weekly, footage of the VMAs revealed that Cyrus’ family was also confused by the exchange. If they’re still not sure about what went down between the two singers, maybe they can check out Jimmy Kimmel’s emoji-fied explanation too.

[Image remixed from Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 4.0]