Rangers Fans Fly Free in Unique Delta Promotion

Rangers fans will fly free on Delta on Saturday, but the unusual giveaway being run by the airline is not without a few caveats.

Firstly, it’s not like any old Rangers fans fly free, but rather, those with tickets to Game 3 on Saturday and get in in time for the first-come, first-serve and ostensibly quite limited seating on the unique Queens to Newark ‘shuttle’ being run by Delta and the Rangers in the promotion.

Rangers fans eligible to fly free- ticket holders who, we assume, are not on the no-fly list- will be selected after entering on the Rangers website to board the plane at LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal Airport to Newark Liberty Airport, where fans will be carted off to the Prudential Center in Newark.

The lucky Rangers fans who fly free will be treated to the following perks, per the Rangers website:

  • Complimentary Seats on this special charter flight, departing at 10am from Delta LaGuardia’s Marine Air Terminal
  • Rangers alumni join the fun
  • Rangers Gifts and prizes
  • Free ground transportation from Newark Airport to the Prudential Center, and return to LaGuardia after the game
  • The chance for a Lucky Seat to win a free Road Trip for two (2) to a Rangers away game during the 12-13 season.

rangers fans fly free

Alas, if you had hopes of being one of the lucky Rangers fans who fly free on Saturday, the sign-up period has already closed up. And also, as the Village Voice points out, while the trip would be a fun curiosity, it will probably take several times longer than just taking a subway to the Path train would have taken, so even flying free has its downsides sometimes.