Simon Cowell Weeps After Moving Audition And Guy Named Lord Sugar Calls Him Pathetic

Simon Cowell does have a heart after all. He’s even capable of crying. Who knew?

Well, even guys dubbed Mr. Nasty love their mothers, and Cowell’s had just died when the episode was filmed.

According to the Evening Standard, Simon’s mother, Julie Brett, died on July 5 at age 89. Friends said he was “completely heartbroken” by the loss.

“She had been ill for a very long time. It really happened last year and it was a tough period,” Simon said weeks later, according to Hello Magazine.

Cowell took two days off and then went back to filming X-Factor auditions, which were postponed. The audition of singer Josh Daniel was filmed only days after Brett’s death — catching Simon at a particularly vulnerable time — just aired on Sunday.

Cowell’s heartstrings were so tugged because Daniel’s audition happened to be dedicated to a loved one of his own — his best friend, who died at age 18 in a car crash in 2013. The mechanic sung his heart out in his own rendition of Labrinth’s Jealous.

“I lost my best friend a couple of years ago and I interpret the lyrics in a completely different way.”

Well, that interpretation was enough to fell a man known as much to the American audience as the Brits for his cutting critiques and barbed tongue. When Josh was finished his heart-wrenching song, Cowell pressed fellow judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini to open the comments.

Cowell already had tears in his eyes, and so did Cheryl for that matter; “Wow,” she said, “That is the most captivated I’ve been in all the auditions.”

The only thing Simon managed to say was “It’s three yeses” before moving on to the next contestant.

But one guy wasn’t impressed — Britain’s answer to Donald Trump, a man actually called Lord Sugar, who hosts England’s version of The Apprentice.

Lord Sugar wasn’t moved by Simon’s obviously genuine tears. Instead, he said in a tweet that the weeping was an attempt to boost ratings, Huffington Post UK reported.

“Simon on X Factor might have been crying because his trousers were too tight. Is this pathetic or what. The public are not that daft. X factor taking p… out of the public. My 2 grandkids rolling with laughter over a couple of the pathetic stooges.”

When someone dared challenge him and offer support for the grieving Cowell, Lord Sugar bit back, calling the teary moment “pathetic stuff.”


Don’t worry, plenty of people on Twitter ran to Simon’s side against the oddly-named lord, whose been called heartless and insensitive. And it’s quite refreshing to know that, underneath that cool and critical façade, Simon Cowell is not.

[Photo Courtesy YouTube Screengrab]