Angler Uses Drone To Take Fishing To An Absurd New Level

Fishermen the world over have tried any number of ideas to help improve the efficiency of their sport (including even using dynamite), but one angler has now harnessed the power of drones to take fishing to absurd new heights.

Farmer Derek Klingenberg posted a video of his idea to YouTube, which depicts him utilizing his quadcopter to catch a small perch on an unidentified backwoods pond, as the Telegraph reports. The lighthearted clip shows several different camera views, both from an observer’s standpoint and the drone’s, as Klingenberg maneuvers the quadcopter into the air and suspends a line (complete with bobber) from it into the water below.

Just a few minutes later, Klingenberg manages to catch his first drone fish, using the quadcopter’s upward movement to hook the perch when he sees that it has taken the bait. The drone pulls the fish from the water, suspending it above first the pond, and then the nearby land as he brings it closer.

Klingenberg exclaims “My first drone fish!” before deciding that the moment should be documented on Snapchat.

Klingenberg’s video seems to poke fun at the proliferation of personal computerized technology, and more specifically its introduction to the time-honed art of fishing. As Grind TV points out, Klingenberg Snapchats a photo of the fish as it dangles from the drone over his left shoulder, even managing to get the quadcopter in the image. The angler also uses the moment to alert his followers that a video of the catch is forthcoming.

People who viewed the drone video were divided on whether or not it was staged, with some claiming that the fish appeared to be dead before it was taken from the water. Others pointed to small movements that the fish made in order to assert that it was indeed legitimately caught with the drone.

“I don’t know if you watched this on a phone with only a 480 vertical resolution, but at 1080p you can clearly see that the fish not only jerks violently @ 0:40 but also gives a tail jerk @ 0:53 before swinging off frame and a small spasm @ 1:11,” one man noted.

The video’s comment thread was also riddled with jokes and allusions to fly fishing, yet anglers at other fishing holes worldwide are still content to catch their fish without a drone, thankfully.

[Image via YouTube/ Farmer Derek Klingenberg]