Zahra Schreiber, Hulk Hogan Fired From WWE: Organization Cleans Up Image [Video]

WWE diva Zahra Schreiber is the latest pro wrestler to be fired by the organization for offensive and derogatory behavior. In a statement released to The Wrap, the WWE confirmed it released Zahra from her contract, citing “inappropriate and offensive remarks.” Booting Schreiber comes hot on the heels of Hulk Hogan’s dismissal from the organization after audio files surfaced which showed Hogan using racial remarks during an argument.

Cageside Seats reports that in May 2012, Zahra uploaded a photo onto Instagram which featured a swastika in the background. Even though it was posted long before she signed with the WWE, the photo violates the organization’s policies, and Schreiber failed to remove it before becoming a professional wrestler. The offensive photos Zahra uploaded were only recently brought to the attention of the WWE, which is going to great lengths to project an image of equality as it promotes professional wrestling entertainment.


When Schreiber was confronted by Instagram users about the content of the picture, Zahra was unapologetic and snapped back “I like history.” Zahra elaborated that “[t]he swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before [H]itler turned it into an icon. Take it how you want I could careless,” reports Cageside Seats. The questionable photo has since been removed from her Instagram account.

The wresting site also reports that Zahra Schreiber had posted an image of “a My Little Pony-type character sporting a Hitler mustache and a swastika armband,” a picture that has also since been removed. In the comments section, users could see that Zahra defended the image as shocked fans asked if she is racist and a Nazi-supporter.

The WWE cut Schreiber only weeks after it released Hulk Hogan from his contract and removed him from their Hall Of Fame for making racial remarks during an argument. Unlike Zahra Schreiber, however, Hogan has gone on record apologizing for his behavior, and asking his fans to forgive him during an emotional interview on Good Morning America, reports The Mirror.

During his tearful interview, Hogan wanted fans to know, “Oh my gosh, please forgive me… I’m a nice guy…I’m Terry Bollea. I’m just a normal man,” according to Hollywood Reporter. The organization has since released a statement to Hollywood Reporter confirming that “[a]t this time, the WWE remains steadfast in its decision” to cut ties with the humiliated celebrity.

Currently, Zahra Schreiber has not released any statements regarding her termination from her contract.

[Image from YouTube]