Hayley Neeson: Preschool Employee Posts Rant Against 3-Year-Olds On Facebook, Gets Suspended

Hayley Neeson, a preschool employee in Scotland, will have to wait and see what happens to her job after getting caught bashing 3-year-olds on Facebook.

While posting to the social network, Hayley got a hard lesson in screenshot culture as she let loose on the kids at her preschool calling them “a**eholes” and “wankers.”

Described as a trainee of the Forgewood Nursery Centre by Opposing Views, Neeson wrote the following after her first day back at work.

“First day back at work. Been in the room for at least 10 minutes and already been bitten, spat on, head butted and told to f**k off. Lovely manners of three year old children, bunch ae [sic] wankers.”

At first, the post was met with acceptance, racking up more than a dozen likes and a couple of jokey comments — but that was before the parents got ahold of it.

Within hours, a group of angry Moms and Dads were chiming in.

“They are only kids, and for a nursery nurse to be putting things like that up it’s unbelievable,” said one angry mom in comments reported by the Daily Record.

She continued.

“Parents of these children pay professionals to look after their wee ones when they have to go to work and this is the person that they are trusting with their kids?… Her attitude is absolutely disgusting and she deserves to be sacked.”

Hayley Neeson ended up deleting the post from Facebook, but not before the remarks had been screenshotted and shared around.

Many parents were angry with the Centre for not firing her from the position, but that’s still possibility as her employers say that a full investigation is under way.

Neeson is laying low and refusing to talk to the press at this juncture. Her case certainly isn’t unique among social media rogues.

A previous story from the Inquisitr detailed the story of Ryan Uhler, who was fired from his job for an insensitive post comparing same-sex marriage to marrying his dog.

“How is marrying a dog different if you love them?” Uhler wrote. “Today I hope we can focus on doggy-style love. I love my dog Rocco, and he loves me. Hopefully one day we can be married.”

Uhler said that he was “blindsided” by his firing because he didn’t realize anyone at the Grace Investment Group where he worked “knew how to use Facebook.”

Do you think people like Uhler and Hayley Neeson deserve to be fired for offensive things they post to their personal pages? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Facebook]