Sandra Bullock’s Boyfriend Described As ‘Nicest’ Guy, New Details Of Bryan Randall Romance Emerge

Further details regarding Bryan Randall, Sandra Bullock’s new boyfriend, have emerged, with sources close to the actress insisting that the photographer is the “nicest” guy.

Us Weekly sources have insisted that the model and photographer is incredibly sweet too. An old friend of his told the publication, “He really is one of the nicest guys ever. He walks into a room and makes everyone feel at ease. He’s just a people person, really friendly, very gregarious.”

Details of their recent date on August 27, which saw the pair visit Craig’s in West Hollywood, have also emerged. One eyewitness explained just how affectionate the pair were being with each other. “He was stroking Sandra’s hair and being touchy-feely,” the insider continued. “They were very cozy.” The source confirmed, “Sandra’s clearly happy with him.”

PEOPLE magazine’s source then went on to add further details regarding just how close they’d got at the fancy eatery. “He had his arm around her the entire meal,” a diner at the establishment commented. “He was rubbing her arm, kissing her shoulder and at one point they cuddled up closer to look at something on her phone.” They continued, “She definitely seemed comfortable and relaxed with him by her side.”

It’s also been revealed that 51-year-old Sandra Bullock and 49-year-old Bryan Randall originally met after he was hired to take photographs of her 5-year-old son Louis’ birthday party. This event took place all the way back in January and since then, the pair have managed to keep their burgeoning romance completely secret from the press for several months.

However, in recent weeks, Bullock has been introducing Randall to some of her closest celebrity friends. On July 4, at her abode in Austin, Texas, the Oscar-winning actress organized a holiday event for her pals, which showed just how close the couple had become.

Outlets and publications only became privy to Randall and Bullock’s relationship after she brought the photographer to Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux’s wedding at their Bel-Air mansion earlier this month.

PEOPLE’s source also spoke glowingly about Randall’s parents and just how close he is to his family. Randall has a college-aged daughter that he is extremely proud of, while the insider added about Randall’s mother and father, “His parents are amazing people. Everyone is really proud of him for being a talented photographer and model and thinks it’s great he’s dating [Bullock].”

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]