WWE: Vince McMahon May Have To Answer For Alleged Role In Snuka Murder Investigation [Updated]

Vince McMahon is the man who helped launch the careers of hundreds of wrestling legends, taking them to a national stage in what was a regional business during the first part of the 1980s.

One of the superstars with which McMahon had a long-running relationship was Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, who today found out that he would be facing third-degree murder charges for the death of his one-time girlfriend Nancy Argentino.

Argentino died under mysterious circumstances in 1983. The Morning Call followed up on the case 30 years later in 2013. The case had remained cold for that long, and according to the news site, the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office had refused to allow the coroner to release the autopsy that is now being used as the basis for charges.

The document, however, was included in a 1985 civil lawsuit, and TMC was able to obtain it from that. Within its pages, it was revealed that Argentino “died of traumatic brain injuries consistent with a moving head striking a stationary object.”

Argentino had “more than two dozen cuts and contusions — a possible sign of ‘mate abuse’ — on her head, ear, chin, arms, hands, back, buttocks, legs and feet,” the site noted.

She was 23 years old.

Now following Snuka’s diagnosis with stomach cancer, he and, surprisingly, Vince McMahon are back under the spotlight.

Right away, it’s important to note that Vince McMahon was in no way involved in the alleged murder, nor has anyone ever suspected him of being a central player in the crime itself. But because of information revealed in the Morning Call report, he’s likely to have questions thrown his way in the next few days concerning the investigation.

That’s because the case went cold following a June 1, 1983 follow-up interview with Snuka in which McMahon was said to be present.

There is also this item from the Pro Wrestling Torch, which is in part taken from Snuka’s autobiography and court documents.

“Snuka and WWE head Vince McMahon met with [District Attorney William] Platt, then-Assistant District Attorney Robert Steinberg, Dr. Mihalakis, and Whitehall Police detectives for a follow-up interview about the events surrounding Nancy’s death.”

“McMahon, who Snuka noted in his recent autobiography brought a briefcase with him to the meeting, ‘did all the talking,’ according to Steinberg.”

“‘I remember Vince McMahon being what Vince McMahon has always been — very effusive,’ said Steinberg. ‘He was very protective, a showman. He was the mouthpiece, trying to direct the conversation.'”

“Steinberg noted he ‘couldn’t recall specifics of the conversation,’ there is no record of the content of the conversation, Snuka said in his book that he doesn’t remember much of the conversation, and Platt said he is ‘not permitted to discuss this matter.'”

So, needless to say, expect Vince McMahon to be getting a few questions on this in the immediate future, particularly questions about the briefcase and the 1983 sit-down with prosecutors.

It could be in the WWE Chairman’s best interests to address the situation head-on since tweets like this one are already making the rounds.

Do you think Vince McMahon should make a personal statement about his alleged involvement with the 1983 Snuka murder investigation? Sound off in the comments section.

Update: The Inquisitr’s editorial team has been contacted by WWE, which offered the following statement.

“The insinuation that a group of medical examiners, detectives and prosecutors – including two who became judges – could have their integrity compromised and participate in improper activity during the course of a meeting is absurd, categorically false and insulting to all parties.

We are hopeful that justice will prevail.”

[Image of Vince McMahon via WWE c/o That Guy Sports Blog]