WWE Rumors: WWE Not Happy With Hall Of Famer For Questionable Skype Sessions With Fans

WWE has not had good luck with their Hall of Famers and legends in the past few months. First, there was the huge racism ordeal with Hulk Hogan, and now, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka has been charged with murder. Another Hall of Famer is in hot water as well as Tammy “Sunny” Sytch has caught the ire of company executives for her questionable Skype sessions with fans.

According to WrestleZone, WWE officials are not happy with the woman formerly known as “Sunny” at all. It appears as if Sytch has been advertising some private Skype sessions with fans, and there is a lot of insinuation that these calls aren’t exactly innocent.

By looking at Sytch’s Twitter account, the insinuation is actually a lot more than just that. Her invitations to Skype with fans usually come with a photo of her in revealing lingerie. Other times, the invitations are more innocent.

Sytch has been doing these Skype sessions for quite some time, and they are just the latest problem along with a number of DUI arrests. WWE is obviously not too thrilled with this kind of behavior from one of their Hall of Famers, but there is also more to it.

There is also the question of the possible sex tape/porn that Tammy Lynn Sytch has been rumored to be doing. As reported by TMZ, there is already a personal tape out there, and she has been offered deals to do a sex tape, but Sytch insists she has declined them.

Word appears to have gotten around to Sytch that WWE is reportedly unhappy with her Skype sessions, and she’s decided to respond to them via her Facebook.

First, she went off on a rather long tangent about not being paid by WWE for anything since 2012, and that was for an interview done at WrestleMania Axxess. Before that, it was a check for $5000 in 2011 for the Hall of Fame weekend.

“Hey, yeah I do skypes.. Yeah Ive had a couple DUI’s. Yeah I spent some time in rehab and in prison…. SO F**KING WHAT. You all have never done ANYTHING wrong? I’ve made mistakes just like every one else. You move on. I LOVE WHO I AM…. and that’s all that matters. I’d rather have done the things I’ve done, than lived a boring uneventful life! Am I ashamed of any of it???? HELL NO!! It’s not like I’ve ever tried to kill anyone…. but hey, there’s still time, right??? hahahahahaha”

Tammy Lynn Sytch went on to say that she has been paid nothing from WWE in 3.5 years, and they should not be concerned with her financial well-being and stability. She also said she makes more money weekly now than WWE used to pay her on a weekly basis.

Either way, these are just rumors for now, and WWE may or may not be too thrilled with Tammy Lynn Sytch aka Sunny’s Skype sessions. As long as she is happy and not affiliated with or contracted by WWE in any way, it really doesn’t matter.

[Image via WWE]