Katy Perry Lashes Out After Fan’s Ex-Boyfriend Says She Can’t Sing Live

If you’re thinking about saying anything negative about Katy Perry, even in the form of a text message, you may want to think again. Perry recently lashed out on a fan’s ex-boyfriend after he sent a mid-concert text saying “Lol I heard she can’t sing live at all”! Those words didn’t bode well with Katy, as reported by Perez Hilton. The pop singer slammed the sender of the text.

Katy Perry was performing in Melbourne, Australia, for her tour, known as Prismatic Tour. In the middle of the concert, Perry decided to pause the music to have a quick chat with her fans. During that chat, one of Katy’s fans received a text message from an ex-boyfriend that caught her attention.

Katy decided to go through the fan’s cell phone, logging into the fan’s WhatsApp account. Once in the account, she scrolled to find the last message, finding something of an insult. The WhatsApp text came from the fan’s ex-boyfriend saying the following.

Lol I heard she can’t sing live at all

Big mistake!

Katy Perry, like other stars in the midst of the limelight, has a name to uphold, and she did just that. According to Mirror, in response to the WhatsApp insult, Perry decided to take a picture of herself with her fans, sending it with the following quote.

“You thought I would never see this chat, you little ***** monkey. You have no balls *****. ******.”

OK, a little harsh, but I don’t think that the ex-boyfriend who sent the original insult will be responding to Perry’s message.

After finding out that the message came from the fan’s ex-boyfriend, Katy Perry seemed shocked, saying “He’s your ex-boyfriend and you still have a WhatsApp group with him? What are you doing?” Katy added “Do not text your ex… we need to talk after the show.”

Katy Perry has never been known as a singer that bites her tongue when she has something to say. As a matter of fact, Perry has been very open with her dislike of Taylor Swift in the past.

Katy Perry still has a few stops left on her Prismatic Tour, and after slamming a fan’s ex-boyfriend mid-concert, fans are excited, not only about seeing her live and enjoying her music, but about what she’s going to do next. Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour is a worldwide tour that’s scheduled to come to a close on October 12, 2015.

[Image Credited to Wikipedia]