WWE News: Nikki Bella Buries Charlotte In Post-‘RAW’ Interview

The WWE Divas Revolution hasn’t really gone according to plan since it began this past July, but WWE is hoping that things will turn around before the Night of Champions show on September 20. Nikki Bella will defend her WWE Divas Championship against the former NXT Women’s Champion Charlotte at the pay-per-view event.

On last night’s RAW, Charlotte earned the right to face Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship after having the best time in a Beat the Clock Challenge, defeating Paige and Becky Lynch for the shot.

After RAW went off the air, Nikki Bella was interviewed backstage, and she didn’t seem too concerned with Charlotte, as she completely buried the new number one contender for her Divas Championship. Some would suggest that what Nikki did was not in the best interest of the match since she went out of her way to make Charlotte look like a nobody who’s just riding her dad’s coattails. Basically, Nikki is saying that if she wins, she beat a nobody, and if she somehow loses, she lost to a nobody.

“I’m actually not that nervous for it. And I’ll tell you why, I haven’t been impressed by Charlotte. All she does is ride her dad’s coattails. And honestly, I think she needs to stay down at NXT and learn a few things.

“So am I nervous? Am I worried? No, not at all. And I think when I defend my title against Charlotte at Night of Champions I will come out still as your Divas Champion. So, Charlotte, if you’re watching? You might want to learn a few things.”

Being a heel, it is Nikki’s job to be cocky and a bit arrogant. However, as a general rule, you should never completely bury your opponent, even if it’s an obvious mismatch in the eyes of the fans.

The Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella match may not end up having a clean finish, as there are still plans to break up Team P.C.B. There hasn’t been any word on who in the team will end up turning on Charlotte, but it could end up being both Paige and Becky Lynch.

Regardless of how the finish is booked, it’s expected that Nikki Bella will be walking out of Night of Champions as the WWE Divas Champion, and either Paige or Becky Lynch will be next in line for a title shot.

[Image via WWE]