‘Teen Mom 2’: Chelsea Houska’s Daughter Calling Cole DeBoer Dad?

Teen Mom 2 fans have been watching Chelsea Houska’s budding romance with boyfriend Cole DeBoer and loving every minute of it. Chelsea seems happier than she’s ever been, and so does her daughter Aubree, whose father is Chelsea’s ex-boyfriend, Adam Lind.

Chelsea and Cole are so in love that they made plans to move in together during Season 6 of Teen Mom 2. In a sneak peek of this week’s new episode posted on Facebook, Chelsea tells her friends that Cole is going to move in with her in the near future, and Aubree is so excited about the move. In fact, Aubree told her mommy that she wants to call DeBoer dad once he’s living with them, and it seems safe to say that Adam Lind won’t like that much at all.

Fans of the MTV reality series have watched Chelsea and Adam battle it out over issues concerning their daughter Aubree for years. The pair have had an off and on romance, and Chelsea could never seem to get Adam to be the dad she wanted him to be. Later, when their relationship was officially over, Adam had another child with another woman, daughter Paislee, and Chelsea and Paislee’s mother, Taylor, began to fight Adam for custody together.

Meanwhile, Adam Lind has been arrested multiple times, mostly for driving related incidents, and Chelsea Houska seems so over worrying about Adam’s life and is more focused on her future with boyfriend Cole DeBoer and, of course, little Aubree.

However, Jobs & Hire reports that fans had a lot to say after seeing the clip and hearing the news that Aubree wants to call Cole dad. Some thought it was a good idea because Cole has been a stable and good influence in little Aubree’s life, and others didn’t like the idea just for the fact that Chelsea and Cole aren’t married, and if Adam let Aubree call one of his girlfriends mom then she would likely be very upset.

While how this will all turn out is anyone’s guess, Teen Mom 2 viewers seem to agree on one thing; that it is absolutely amazing to see Chelsea Houska happy and in love. Chelsea is one of the only girls from the franchise that didn’t date much and was really looking for that stable, good guy to bring in to her life and Aubree’s, and it looks like she has finally found it in Cole DeBoer.

What are your thoughts on Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s daughter Aubree possibly calling Cole DeBoer dad?

[Photo Credit: Chelsea Houska/Instagram]