Joe Bailey Denies Making Book Of Text Messages: Was Chris Harrison Lying?

Joe Bailey was sent home on Sunday’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise, but that doesn’t mean he is gone. While he may be gone from Mexico, he is lingering on After Paradise and on Twitter. On last night’s episode of After Paradise, Chris Harrison talked to Samantha Steffen, who offered up her side of the story. And her story didn’t really sound believable.

And while Chris was talking to Samantha, Harrison pulled out a big book of text messages. Apparently, Harrison had received all of the messages between Bailey and Samantha, and he had placed them in a book. Samantha claimed that they were just having fun via text messages, but she had actually sent him over 200 messages.

According to a new tweet, Joe Bailey is now revealing that he didn’t put the book together. Chris Harrison revealed that Bailey had put the book together to prove his case, but on Twitter, he was busy denying that he put the book together.

“Amazes me at how you are OBSESSED WITH proof.DUDE LET IT GO! You wasted time making that book? Handle pressure well? Sure pal,” one follower wrote to Bailey, who replied, “didn’t make that book dude!”

But the follower didn’t seem to believe him, writing back, “and again — out of all the numerous texts you receive during an episode – you still respond to little ole me. Point proven.”

Even those close to Joe Bailey believed that he had put the book together to prove his innocence in this entire thing. He admitted that they had planned to stay in paradise so they could meet, but he was pissed that Samantha had been talking to other guys via text message as well. Sadly, Bailey wasn’t the only man, and he was out for revenge before he left paradise behind.

“Joe is kind of a big deal. He has many leatherbound books, one of which is full of texts from Sammi Steffen. Creepy. #AfterParadise,” Michael Garofola tweeted after watching After Paradise, which had Joe reply, “Yeah clearly I made that leather book. Come on man.”

Bailey may have shared his text messages with Bachelor In Paradise producers, but he denies putting them together in a book that was shared on After Paradise. Even though Joe just wanted to prove his case, many people think that he is going too far. Maybe Bailey just needs to drop everything and move on.

What do you think of Joe Bailey’s book of text messages? Do you think producers put it together, saying it was from Joe?

[Image via The Hollywood Gossip]