Zahra Schreiber: Nazi Remarks Get Seth Rollins' Girlfriend Kicked Out Of WWE

David Cornell

Zahra Schreiber's Nazi remarks have gotten the WWE diva kicked out. What the girlfriend of professional wrestler Seth Rollins posted on social media was officially considered too offensive for World Wrestling Entertainment.

The first part of what led to Zahra's release from the WWE was a picture of a character from My Little Pony, made to resemble Adolf Hitler with a small mustache and full Nazi uniform. Another was a picture of the now-former diva with swastikas in the background.

After fans erupted in protest, E! Online says that Schreiber defended the images.

"I like history ha. The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before Hitler turned it into an icon."

Rollins and Schreiber have yet to officially comment on the WWE's decision to drop the diva over her offensive images, which have been deleted from her account.

HNGN states that the two have been in trouble over social media images before. One time Seth Rollins' ex-fiancee Leighla Schultz posted nude photos of Rollins and Schreiber on Instagram and Twitter. It seems both of their accounts had been hacked, and the WWE wrestler apologized for the images while Schultz admitted to being the hacker.

As Edward Snowden stated in his interview with John Oliver, you should never post nude photos online. The NSA and various disreputable parties could get ahold of them, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Zahra Schreiber and Seth Rollins had been victims of this, although the Nazi images had been Zahra's own doing.

— TMZ (@TMZ) September 1, 2015

WWE is a lot more violent than Little League Baseball, but the corporation has decided that Zahra Schreiber had crossed a line with her images and explanation.

[Image via Sporting News]