Brittney Palmer And Bryce Harper Pose For Photos At UFC Match

Bryce Harper is having a pretty May. He hit his first major league home run. He stole home plate. And now, he’s posing for photos with Playboy models. The rookie phenom was spotted hanging out with UFC ring girl Brittney Palmer before taking a seat ringside for Tuesday nights fight.

After the photo was snapped rumors started to circulate that Harper was dating the Playboy model, but Palmer told her fans not to get ahead of themselves.

After Terez Owens wrote that the two had “coupled up” Palmer sent out a tweet saying “watch the wording buddy!”

So the 19-year-old rookie sensation isn’t dating Brittney Palmer, but he’s still having a pretty sweet month. His MLB debut was tarnished, however, by a fan mooning home plate. Oh, he also hit himself in the face with a baseball bat. But hanging with Brittney Palmer, hitting a home run, and stealing home plate, definitely makes up for any embarrassment.

Harper’s teammate Edwin Jackson was also hanging out ringside at the UFC event on Tuesday.

[Photo: Yahoo]