Ashley Iaconetti Says She Didn’t Lose Virginity To Jared Haibon On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Ashley Iaconetti spilled the beans. As Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise aired, Ashley tweeted the answer to the cliffhanger regarding her and Jared Haibon.

Ashley tweeted that she did not lose her virginity to Jared.

On the latest episode, Ashley, threatened by Jaclyn Swartz after she made a move for Jared, asked host Chris Harrison if she could have a date card that included an overnight stay in a fantasy suite. Despite having previously expressed reluctance over getting into a relationship with Ashley, Jared accepted her date request. Ashley beamed with happiness during an interview.

“I am so happy. I’m really nervous, but I’m also excited! This is one of the biggest nights of my life! I am physically attracted to Jared enough that I am fine with the thought of doing anything… I don’t know what’s going to happen tonight, but I may not be a virgin tomorrow!”

Ashley explained why she told the camera that she was willing to do the deed with Jared. She blamed long hours and a lack of sleep for what she said and maintained that she would never lose her virginity to someone who didn’t love her back.

The day prior, during Sunday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Ashley Iaconetti posted several tweets stating, contrary to what viewers were led to believe, she knew during filming that Jared Haibon wasn’t interested in her. In one tweet, Ashley said she knew Jared just wasn’t that into her.

If Ashley knew that Jared wasn’t into her, then why did she give him a letter that went into detail about how she felt about him? Ashley tweeted that she told Jared how she felt because there were no other men coming on the show. She added that she has no regrets about what she did.

Ashley also said that she gave her rose to Jared, not because she was under the illusion that he was into her, but because of what he told her later on, in regard to the letter. Perhaps Jared told Ashley that they weren’t right for one another romantically, but he still thought she was a great gal nonetheless and was glad to have her as a friend?

In an earlier episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Jared Haibon admitted he still wasn’t completely over Kaitlyn Bristowe, whom he had pursued on The Bachelorette. Ashley Iaconetti tearfully called Kaitlyn, whom she became friends with during their time on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor, and asked her “what the f***” she did to Jared for him to be so “obsessed” with her. While some viewers may presume Kaitlyn is mad at Ashley over her on-air outburst at her, she isn’t. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the episode aired, Kaitlyn tweeted that she loves Ashley, tears and all.

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