Jill Duggar Addresses Josh’s Cheating Scandal, Shares Mission Update: Joy Duggar Babysits Israel In Cute Photos

Now that Jill Duggar has weathered the wave of media attention received by her appearance on TLC’s Breaking the Silence documentary, she’s decided to break her silence online.

However, in her latest blog post, Jill Duggar didn’t have anything else to say about being one of the victims Josh Duggar sexually abused as a teenager. Instead, she decided to directly address her brother’s other scandal for the first time.

“August has been a busy month for us and as so many of you know it has ended on a sad note for my extended family,” Jill Duggar wrote on the Dillard Family website. “Please do pray for our family. We are so thankful for God’s grace during difficult days.”

Jill’s comments are obviously a reference to Josh Duggar’s shocking confession that he cheated on his wife, Anna Duggar. After it was discovered that Josh had created an account on the Ashley Madison website, he confessed to suffering from an addiction to pornography and having an affair. According to PEOPLE, Josh recently checked into a “faith-based” rehab center in Illinois called Reformers Unanimous.

Jill decided not to say too much about her brother’s latest troubles, and she quickly transitioned into updating her fans on what she’s been doing all August. She and her husband, Derick Dillard, are currently on a long-term mission trip in Central America, but they jetted back to the U.S. two weeks ago — Jill and Jessa Duggar had to film their segment for TLC’s documentary about sexual abuse, and Jill also wanted to attend the Tennessee wedding of family friend, Michaella Bates.

“When we were first invited to our friend, Michaella Bates’, wedding we didn’t think we were going to be able to make it. But once we realized that we needed to make a trip back to the States to do some filming for the upcoming TLC documentary, we were thrilled that the dates coincided with that of the wedding!”

When Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard, and Baby Israel returned to Central America, they brought a few helping hands with them. Jill’s 17-year-old sister, Joy, and her friend, Carlin Bates (Michaella’s little sister), have been babysitting Israel so that Jill and Derick can take Spanish classes.

“It’s been a blast having company and they’ve been such a great help to us while we bury ourselves in the books!” Jill wrote. “I will not want them to leave after their two week visit! I love having them here for the friendship and Israel certainly loves all the extra attention!”

Jill and Derick shared a few new photos on their website, and it looks like they’ve been spending plenty of time with Joy Duggar and Carlin Bates whenever they’re not busy studying.

Joy Duggar and Carlin Bates don't enjoy hanging out at the meat market
Israel hangs out with his favorite babysitters
Joy Duggar and Erin Bates use the laptop to keep Israel entertained
Jill Duggar, Joy Duggar, Carlin Bates, and Baby Israel enjoy a pizza party

Jill Duggar didn’t say whether she’ll return back home for Amy Duggar’s wedding on September 6, but her quote about Joy leaving after two weeks makes it sound like she and Derick might be staying put instead of hopping back on a plane so soon. Rebellious Duggar cousin Amy told PEOPLE that the entire family would be at her ceremony, but it doesn’t look like any of her cousins attended her recent bachelorette party — Jana (age 25), Jessa (22), and Jinger (21) are nowhere to be seen in the fun photos Amy Duggar recently shared on her Instagram page. Maybe Amy’s Clueless-themed bash and her sexy club wear were just a little too wild for her more conservative cousins.

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How Fabulous!

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Do you think Jill Duggar will fly home for Amy Duggar’s wedding, or will she decide that she wants to stay far away from her family’s latest drama?

[Image credit: Jill Duggar/Dillard Family website]