‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Will Tobias Be The Next Morgan?

In AMC’s The Walking Dead, right from Season 1, there was one character that fans took an instant liking to even though they were only present for a short time. Then, when Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) moved on, fans still wondered what had happened to that character. Now, with its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead, it appears we have another character like that already.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers about AMC’s The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. If you are not up to date with all episodes across both programs, please proceed with caution.

In Season 1 of The Walking Dead, after Rick Grimes woke from his coma, he needed a crash course in how to survive the post-apocalyptic world. The man that helped him through that troubled time was Morgan (Lennie James). However, thanks to time constraints with Lennie James in relation to work commitments, Morgan became the “Where’s Wally” of the Walking Dead universe. The actor talked about it with TV Guide.

“[Executive producer] Scott Gimple had approached me at the start of Season 5, and we had a conversation about introducing Morgan back into the series. But due to other commitments, I couldn’t commit and Scott wasn’t able to tell the whole story he wanted to tell. So, in order to have as much of me as they could, he came up with the little bits that you saw in the credits and [decided to] introduce Morgan a bit more as he catches up with them in the season finale. So, now the story Scott wanted to tell in [Season] 5 we’ll tell it more in [Season] 6.”

Morgan became the hope of a brighter future for the audience. And since this ploy worked so well and Walking Dead fans developed a cult-like following towards Morgan and when he and Rick would meet up again, it seems AMC might try this tactic with the companion series, Fear The Walking Dead.

Tobias (Lincoln A. Castellanos) seems to be filling Morgan’s shoes just nicely. As the Cleveland pointed out, Tobias is “schooling Madison” about the apocalypse much in the same way Morgan helped teach Rick how to survive post-apocalypse. Tobias is well-versed in survival tactics and conspiracy theories and so he was the one in the pilot episode of Fear The Walking Dead that was warning people, like Madison (Kim Dickens), that “when civilization ends, it ends fast.”

Many fans have already latched on to the similarities between Morgan and Tobias and are hoping that he survives past the two episodes he has been billed with on Fear The Walking Dead’s IMDb page. While IMDb has been known to be wrong in the past and they may actually be withholding performance information due to the spoiler-like aspect it might offer, many fans are hoping Tobias will turn up again in Season 2. Perhaps, by then, he will be even more versed in the undead universe of Fear The Walking Dead and will come out blazing like Morgan did in Season 5 of The Walking Dead. The only question is, will he also act like another member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles just like Morgan did?

Morgan as Morgantello in The Walking Dead

If Tobias is the next Morgan, which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would he be though? Considering his obsession with taking a knife to school for protection and then asking Madison to return it when he bumps into her at the high school, I am placing my money on Tobias being Leonardo, the blue mask wearing ninja turtle who like to use two katana as weapons. Plus, if he took to wielding a katana it would be a nice Easter egg reference to Michonne (Danai Gurira) from The Walking Dead.

Fear the walking dead Tobias Ninja Turtle

Fear The Walking Dead returns to AMC on September 13, 2015.

Do you think Tobias will return to Fear The Walking Dead? Let us know your thoughts and theories surrounding Tobias by commenting below!

[Image credits: AMC / Rachel Tsoumbakos / Be Blair Or Be Square]