Don Your Poop Hats, Learn About Stool, And Get Ready For The Most Disturbing Slide Ever [Video]

Poop hats are just part of the experience at the Miraikan museum’s “Toilet!? – Human Waste & Earth’s Future” in Osaka, Japan.

UPI recently posted a story about the popular attraction, which seeks a fun way to educate children about the body’s waste and sanitation.

The news wire’s story is actually just a quick write-up of a YouTube video that has gained in popularity since landing on the video sharing site August 20, 2015.

In a short amount of time, the obscure educational exhibit has broken the 15,000-view barrier and elicited plenty of chuckles along the way.

Watching the video below, you will get to see little ones diving down a slide into a giant toilet bowl complete with poop hats that are just light enough to suggest that someone needs to be taking in a bit more water.

According to the YouTube description, the exhibit is “a faecal roll-coaster ride of stool-related information and attractions, giving guests the opportunity to slide down an over-sized toilet over three meters high, wear faecal-fashioned hats, and learn from singing, interactive toilets. People visiting the museum also get the chance to examine various types of excrement, both human and animal, in all their glorious shapes, sizes and smells.”

If that doesn’t sound fun enough for you, have a look at the video.

If you made it far enough in to hear the talking toilets, then you know that there is a slight possibility Trey Parker and Matt Stone provided voices for the exhibit, but that hasn’t been verified.

In all seriousness, disturbing though it may be, it is an interesting and fun way of learning about this sort of thing. (Don’t lie, you know you want to go down that slide.)

For commenters, the prospect of visiting this exhibit seemed intriguing to say the least.

“Love Japan,” wrote one, with another referring to the Japanese people as “crazy… in a good way.”

A story like this is also bound to attract a few puns, with some joking that wearers of the poop hats were a “buncha s**theads” and others marveling at “all those pieces of crap running around.”

Of course, any derogatory remarks could simply be sour grapes. When is the last time that you’ve seen anyone try to make going to the bathroom this much fun?

What do you think, readers? Would you take a dive down the giant toilet slide if you ever found yourself in Osaka, and poop hats — great souvenirs or no? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via YouTube screen grab, CCTV News]