November 23, 2015
Will Smith's New #Concussion Movie Trailer Prompts 48,500 Tweets In Minutes [Video]

The new movie trailer for Will Smith's new movie titled Concussion has hit the Internet with a bang. Twitter reports that the name Will Smith caused 48,500 tweets about the Concussion trend in a very short period of time. Landing in movie theaters on Christmas Day, Concussion appears to be another surefire hit for both the actor -- and to bring awareness to concussions that can occur as a result of repeated hits in football -- along with other sports, such as soccer.The "Concussion Official Trailer" appearing on the Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube channel was posted 6 hours ago, at approximately noon ET on Monday, August 31. In that time, YouTube reports that the trailer has received 7,032 views. Telling the plight of Dr. Bennet Omalu and his fight to uncover the truth about the affects of hits that cause concussions in football, the Concussion movie is receiving negative feedback from some about Smith's Nigerian accent.

"Tell the truth. This December watch Will Smith transform into Dr. Bennet Omalu. Join the discussion at #ForTheGame"
In the film, Smith portrays the NFL-fighting neuropathologist who discovers CTE in Concussion reports the New York Daily News‎. CTE stands for "chronic traumatic encephalopathy" and represents the type of traumatic injury that can occur when football players or other sports players are continually exposed to hard hits to the head.

Concussion finds Smith stepping into the shoes of the first doctor to find CTE, and the uphill battle Dr. Omalu faced after discovering CTE within Mike Webster, a Pittsburg Steelers player who was known for his greatness on the field. Off the field, Webster's family reported that the football player experienced mood swings.

On Twitter, the reactions to Will appearing in another movie role that could court Oscar buzz and finally land an Academy Award statue on Smith's mantle are being discussed. Will was nominated for Ali and The Pursuit of Happyness, but has yet to win the award. Concussion might bring Smith that Oscar, despite the buzz about his accent.

"Will Smith might be catching up to Denzel w the bangers tho"

"Mr. Box Office aka Will Smith is back with that Concussion movie. Movie look good af."

While some folks on Twitter criticize Will, others are coming to Smith's defense.
"Some dude said Will Smith is not a drama set actor. Dude have you not seen Pursuit of Happiness or Seven Pounds?"
"So just seen the trailer for Will Smith's new film #concussion. Looks very good. I wonder what impact it will have on rugby?"
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