‘GTA V’ DLC Rumors Get A Whole Lot More Specific

As we edge closer to the September release date for the GTA V DLC, it becomes easier for responsible reporters to engage in the speculation and rumor-mongering that we gamers love to indulge in. This is mainly because the drip feed of information starts to narrow down and become far more specific as renowned tipsters in the GTA V community, like FunMW2 and MrBossFTW, start backing up their speculations with hard evidence.

Tipster MrBossFTW recently started a rumor about a new story DLC, based on some pictures that had more to do with Straight Outta Compton than with any new GTA V content. Now, however, a combination of partial clarifications from Rockstar Newswire and patient squirreling around from FunMW2 to try to discover the detail of these enigmatic updates have added real substance to our vision of what might be coming next for GTA V.

By now, everyone should know that the GTA V editor is finally coming to (next gen) consoles, a feature that was previously confined to the PC version. The creator is slated for a significant improvement in ease of use and other official announcements include the release of “Ill Gotten Gains II” and a vague indication of more mission content. But what else can we reasonably expect from what looks like one of the best and richest GTA V DLC releases so far?

The iDigital Times reports that FunMW2 has discovered a Lamar icon in a new mission type, which is exciting news as this means Lamar could start to appear in GTA online in freemode gang attacks or in other mission types in the way that Trevor, Ron, and Lester already do. Of course, Lamar does already appear in GTA online, but only in the tutorial, which many seasoned GTA V users would have skipped. It should be pointed out that the file in question could relate to any type of mission, from contact to adversary to heist missions. Frustratingly, we can’t be any more specific than that, but the gang attack option would seem to make the most sense, this being Lamar.

A new tranche of vehicles appears to be coming as well, with cars that seem to be based on classics like the Corvette and the Mclaren, both very exciting and potentially very expensive additions to the GTA V universe. Tipsters believe they’re going to be of the low-lowrider type and possibly linked to a Lamar DLC (this is very much just a rumor).

In the meantime, with speculation running rife about the September DLC, people have already begun to speculate about GTA VI, which, while definitely in development, has no release date or any other details attached to it as yet. Dan Houser, one of GTA‘s co-creators, however, has been talking about possibilities for the new installment. According to MNR Daily, Houser has said that a female playable character is definitely an option for any new instalment of GTA.

So the GTA world just keeps getting more and more exciting. Watch this space for future developments. For now, though, we can confidently tell all you GTA online folks that the September DLC is shaping up to be a real doozy.

[Image via Rockstar]