Kirk Cousins Named Redskins Starting Quarterback, Coach Confirms

It’s official! Kirk Cousins — not Robert Griffin III — will serve as the starting quarterback for the upcoming NFL season.

The Washington Post reports that head coach Jay Gruden discussed Cousins’ starting position with reporters on Monday after the team’s morning practice session.

“It’s Kirk’s team.”

Gruden apparently chose his words wisely when explaining the reasons why Cousins would start for the Redskins instead of Robert Griffin III (also known as “RG3”).

According to Jay, the decision had more to do with what Kirk has been doing on the field than what other people have not been doing.

“I just think it’s not so much what somebody didn’t do. It’s just what Kirk has done and I think what he’s done in practice and [organized team activities] has really opened our eyes, and he’s proven to be the best quarterback on our roster at this time, really. It’s a compliment to Kirk, not so much the other guys didn’t do this or didn’t do that. I just think Kirk has played so well that he has earned the right.”

Once Gruden broke the news to reporters, Kirk Cousins had a chance to open up about the opportunity to reporters as well.

His comments were shared by the Washington Post and via Twitter.

“I’m going to do all I can to take this opportunity and run with it, and hopefully provide great quarterback play all season long.”

Kirk Cousins even found a clever way to respond to questions about the drama.

Kirk Cousins was a major surprise addition to the Washington Redskins during the 2012 NFL Draft, especially since the team selected Robert Griffin III in the first round with the second overall pick.

Since Griffin was chosen to serve as the franchise quarterback, it may have been a little puzzling for Redskins fans and critics when the team also chose Cousins during the fourth round.

Three years later, the 102nd overall draft pick from the 2012 NFL Draft has been chosen to start for the Washington Redskins instead of the 2nd overall draft pick from the same year’s draft.

Redskins fans and critics alike will anticipate seeing Kirk Cousins make his big regular season debut as the starting quarterback during the team’s September 13 game against the Miami Dolphins.

[Image Credit: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images]