WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Girlfriend And WWE NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber Released By WWE Over Pro-Nazi Pictures

WWE United States and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins looks to be at the top of his game, but the part-time Power Ranger might have an Achilles heel in his girlfriend, Zahra Screiber. Zahra was in two different major social media fires this year already. We’re only in August, people. She and Rollins were caught in a social media issue when the then-girlfriend of Rollins put on nude pictures of both Rollins and Zahra on all of Rollins’ social media outlets.

Neither were punished by WWE over the ordeal, as it was thought at the time that the duo had nothing to do with what happened, as no one could hold back the revenge over a mad girlfriend. Rollins and his then-girlfriend broke up, and he has been with Zahra since. Sadly, she was caught in yet another problem. This after just making her actual WWE NXT debut over the weekend.

She was involved in an angle with Solomon Crowe where she debuted as his sister. It was said to be good for both stars, as they would get a push into something interesting. Sadly, people found old pictures online that Zahra put out in 2012. These pictures were pro-Nazi oriented and had her defending the images with such lines as the following.

“I like history ha.”

And then, this.

“The swastika means prosperity and luck. It was around way before Hitler turned it into an icon.”

Some fans tweeted the photos to Triple H once they went viral. This then led to WWE releasing Zahra today for “due to inappropriate and offensive remarks,” according to TMZ.

These images were, of course, leading to bad press for WWE. Although Zahra deleted the pictures some time ago, nothing truly escapes from the Internet. This led to screenshots of the images going around, which didn’t work out well for her. It is unknown if this is a Daniel Bryan type of firing or if WWE is done with her altogether. If she is brought back similar to Bryan when the issues die off, it is unknown how well she would do. We never truly got to see what she had in order to know if she could have been good for WWE.

All we knew of her at the time was that she was beautiful and had a good body. However, most women in WWE fit that bill. She stood out due to her looks, which was probably the only thing that would help her in the future unless she developed good in-ring ability.

At the end of the day, one has to think that WWE released her because she has been in two different social media issues already. If we look at it, we very well could see more issues pop up. WWE has to push away, for if they kept her on and another thing happened, WWE would not look good at all for it.

Zahra is the girlfriend of the champ, and with Seth Rollins being at the top of his game, he cannot have someone tied to him that would cause an issue marketing wise. While no one expects for the two to split up from this, one can imagine that WWE executives like Triple H have mentioned it to him. WWE may be parting ways with her, but relationships might be more complicated. We’ll have to see what happens as a result of all of this.

[IMG Credit: PwPix.com]