‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 9 Will See A Road Trip And ‘Star Wars’-Themed Episode

There Will Be A 'Star Wars' Themed Episode And Road-Trip In 'The Big Bang Theory' Season 9

There are many looking for Season 9 spoilers for The Big Bang Theory. There are two exciting things happening in the show for its Season 9 premiere, which airs on September 21. The first is a road trip to Mexico, and the second will be a Star Wars-themed episode to coincide with the release of the latest movie.

Fans will be happy to know that Leonard and Penny will get married during this season, but that is not all the cast and crew are excited about during the year. Realty Today has confirmed that there will be a road trip in the van that belonged to theoretical physicist Richard Feynman; the van that has all the equations painted on it.

The group of four men will decide to take a road trip to Mexico, but things will not go smoothly. As expected by many fans of The Big Bang Theory, the four will not get along throughout the ride.

Something that could not go ignored this year is the release of the new Star Wars movie. The showrunners decided that an episode centered around it is a must, since Star Wars is such a major part of the characters’ lives. Fans know that it needs to be part of the show, but it is unclear how it will be weaved into the storyline just yet.

There are some questions since the Season 8 finale that have been left unanswered, as TV Line points out. Many The Big Bang Theory fans want to know what will happen to Sheldon and Amy — or Shamy, as they are better known. The finale left with Amy breaking up with Sheldon just moments before he looked like he was going to propose.

The two other main characters, Howard and Raj, also had cliffhangers. Fans are excited to see how their storylines play out. Will Raj finally break up with Emily, and will Howard accept his father back into his life?

While fans know that Leonard and Penny will get married, there is still the revelation that Leonard cheated. This could cause some strain and may even tie in with problems while Leonard is on his road trip with the other three men.

There are still many questions to be answered. All that fans currently know is that there will be a Star Wars-themed episode, which will be fitting for many considering the release of the new movie. The Big Bang Theory Season 9 will air on CBS from September 21.

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