‘RHOC’ Star Tamra Barney’s Oldest Daughter With Simon Barney Is ‘Suffering From Parental Alienation’ [Report]

Tamra Judge Sophia

RHOC star Tamra Barney is concerned about her oldest daughter. Last week, court documents were published by Radar Online, which alleged Sidney told a judge she did not have a desire to spend time with her RHOC star mother and requested she not be forced to attend therapy.

However, according to the RHOC star, Sidney’s testimony may have been prompted by her father, Simon Barney, who the RHOC star divorced years ago.

During an August 29 interview with Radar Online, the RHOC star explained the following.

“Sidney’s court therapist testified that Sidney is suffering from parental alienation and referred to Simon as the ‘gatekeeper.’ I’ve tried everything to get my daughter help…Simon fought so hard to get Sydney out of therapy and he went as far as to drag his daughter into a courtroom to testify how she doesn’t want any more therapy.”

Although younger children are encouraged to attend therapy in a situation such as that of the RHOC star, Barney’s oldest daughter, Sidney, is nearly 17, and therefore she is typically able to make her own decisions.

“Because Sidney is almost 17 she was able to choose who she wants to live with and told the judge she will refuse to go to therapy even if he orders it. The judge granted her wish. I’m devastated and worried about Sidney’s future under her father’s control.”

The RHOC star and her ex-husband have been involved in a custody battle for years, and recently, things have appeared to have become even more tense. While the RHOC star and her ex share custody of their two youngest children, they have continued to fight over Sidney, and at this point, there doesn’t appear to be any positive progress when it comes to Sidney’s relationship with her mother. Instead, she remains solely under her father’s care, with no reported interest in mending her relationship with the RHOC star.

According to the court documents published by Radar Online last week, Sidney appeared in court on August 24 and “expressed a desire to speak with the court.” As a result, it was declared Sidney was “extraordinary [sic] reluctant to see and have a relationship with her mother.”

The court also found that Simon is “not involved in any alienating conduct in this case,” despite the RHOC star’s claims.

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