Miley Cyrus Flashes VMA Viewers, Gives ‘MileyCyrusAndHerDeadPetz’ New Album, And Crazy Performance [Video] is the name of the website that Miley Cyrus gave out at the end of her wild VMA performance. It’s also a website that shows a list of Miley’s songs, like “Dooo It!” that have a Sound Cloud stream embedded therein. Other songs on the album from Cyrus include “Karen Don’t Be Sad,” “The Floyd Song (Sunrise)” and “Something About Space Dude.” The artwork on the website is continually moving, showing Miley with a shock value statement buried in a lot of gooey-looking sweet stuff.

Other songs found on the site that redirects to include “Space Boots,” “BB Talk” and “Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz.”

Miley hosted a night that was full of eventful things happening, such as when Cyrus accidentally flashed viewers towards the end when she was undressed behind a curtain, getting ready to go on stage. The performance itself was a wild mix of colors and people all over the stage, with Cyrus continually singing about smoking pot and weed.

Prior to that performance, Miley endured being called a b**** by Nicki Minaj, reports Billboard. Nicki was mad about something she’d read in an interview, and although Minaj won the Best Hip Hop Video award for her popular “Anaconda” song, she still had a scowl for Cyrus and harsh words. Miley, meanwhile, explained to Nicki that they are both in the entertainment industry and know how words can be misconstrued. Cyrus seemed to blame the article writer when confronted directly with Nicki face-to-face.

The performance of the night, however, belonged to Justin Bieber as he cried after flying into the air. Upon singing two of his most recent hits, Bieber flew into the air after a taped inspirational message about believing in something higher than yourself and leaning not on your own understanding hyped up the crowd. Videos of fan reactions to Justin flying are lighting up Twitter. Folks criticized Miley for turning the moment into a joke afterward, especially considering the emotional breakdown Bieber had just had.


Miley threatened to have a wardrobe malfunction all night with her wild outfits, but it was when Cyrus launched herself from behind a curtain is when the real nip slip happened. Cyrus is no stranger to taking nude selfies, so it was likely no big deal to Miley that another nude photo of her breast would soon appear online.

[Image via Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz]