Kam Chancellor Rumors: Seattle Seahawks Fans Weigh In On Chancellor Holdout

Kam Chancellor rumors continue to pester the Seattle Seahawks and fans of the team. Now the Chancellor holdout has been addressed by the fans in a Seattle Times report from the weekend. It’s about exactly as expected, with three well-spoken fans telling Chancellor that he just needs to get back on the field.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Chancellor continues to hold out for a new contract, feeling that he should be paid more than the deal he just signed. The Pro Bowl safety has only played one season of the four-year deal he signed with the Seahawks, but decided that holding out for a raise was the correct path to take during the NFL offseason. Fans have not been pleased.

Mike O’Neil of Seattle was quoted in the Seattle Times article, giving his thoughts about how he has enjoyed watching Chancellor play. What he hasn’t enjoyed is watching a star player use a “me first” attitude when it comes to contracts.

“I have read that Kam Chancellor is the heart of the Seahawks. As a fan watching his holdout, I sure hope not. I’ve enjoyed watching the team-first approach at Seattle. But Chancellor with his contract holdout is displaying the same old me-first attitude that makes a fan like me cynical. Chancellor sends a powerful message as a locker-room leader: if you make a deal and don’t like it, forget about the team, just make sure you get paid.”

O’Neil isn’t wrong in his assessment, which is something many NFL analysts have touched upon in recent Kam Chancellor rumors. In the eyes of many fans, simply being part of the best secondary in the league on a team that has played in two straight Super Bowls should be enough. Slated to make $4.55 million this season, $5.1 million next season, and $7.125 million in 2017 shows he isn’t struggling for money. He also got a nice signing bonus that was already paid out.

Larry Davis of Custer had a comment about Chancellor’s contract quoted in the Seattle Times.

“You signed the contract. Honor your word and signature.”

He is one of many fans that have discussed that very point on social media, and it is something that the NFL has suffered through with many holdouts over the past few years. This one puts the Seattle Seahawks in a terrible position, especially since the team really can’t afford to give Chancellor a raise right now. The next Kam Chancellor rumors that come out could even be that he has been traded. That’s how bad the situation has become.

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