Duggar Update: Derick Dillard Says Life ‘Has Just Gotten Better’ As Fans Speculate That Jill Dillard Is Pregnant

Jill Dillard pregnant?

The Duggar family has been under a lot of stress as it was revealed that the oldest Duggar son, Josh Duggar, admitted himself into an addiction rehabilitation program. However, things seem to be going well for Jill Dillard as her doting husband notes that their life “has just gotten better” after marriage. The Dillards love of life comes on the heels of fan speculation that Jill Dillard is expecting another baby.

Christian Today reports that Derick Dillard was reminiscing as he looked through old photos on his phone. The new father came across an image of his wedding “countdown” and noted that life for the couple “has just gotten better” since they exchanged vows.

Derick Dillard

Life for the Dillards has certainly changed since their marriage. The Duggar family was still filming episodes of 19 Kids and Counting when the pair got married with their courtship, engagement, wedding, and eventual birth of their first child all aired directly to viewers. However, due to a molestation scandal and eventual admission by older brother Josh Duggar of a pornography addiction, sponsors backed out of the show and it was officially removed from the air.

Now the Dillard family is living their life out from under the constant cameras and made the life-changing decision to move to Central America. The decision couldn’t have come at a better time as shortly after leaving for mission work in El Salvador, Jill’s brother Josh was revealed as a member of the affair securing website Ashley Madison. Now the family is struggling with the realization that the oldest Duggar son was living a double-life while Jill continues to build her life in South America.

Fans have speculated that Jill Dillard is pregnant with many noting an apparent “baby bump” in some of her recent photos.

This is the first photo of Jill that sparked the pregnancy rumors.

Many fans commented that it appeared Jill was hiding a baby bump behind her notebook. However, others noted that the “bump” could simply be leftover from Israel’s birth. However, the theories of a second pregnancy for Jill continued to pour in as a video of Jill playing with Israel surfaced which many claim shows an obvious baby bump.

Do you think the Dillard family made a good decision to leave the country during the Josh Duggar scandal? Should they remain away until things die down? What do you think about the rumors that Jill Dillard is pregnant with her second child?

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