Boy George Released from Prison Early on Good Behaviour

Boy George (George O’Dowd) was released from prison early Monday after serving only four months of his 15-month sentence.

In January, O’Dowd was sentenced to 15 months after being convicted of the false imprisonment and assault of male prostitute Audun Carlsen. After initially being sent to Pentonville Prison in North London, he was later transferred to Edmunds Hill Prison in Suffolk, where he remained until his release Monday.

The 47 year old former front man of the 1980’s pop group Culture Club, will still need to wear an ankle bracelet to keep track of his whereabouts and will have a curfew, as well as report to his parole officer for the remainder of the 15 month sentence.

O’Dowd was arrested in 2007 after male prostitute Audun Carlsen was chained up and beaten at his flat. Carleson eventually escaped and ran into the street in his underwear, screaming for help.