Tim Tebow Struggles In New Role For Eagles

Tim Tebow might not be considered a stereotypical NFL quarterback but Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly seems to be trying hard to find a reason to keep him on the roster. What’s the latest role the Eagles are trying to fit Tim Tebow into? A two-point conversion specialist. The problem, at least at this point in the plan, is that Tim Tebow is struggling to handle that role the same way he’s struggled to handle the role of starting quarterback in the National Football League.

In the Eagles’ most recent preseason game, Tim Tebow saw regular action but he was featured as the guy who was supposed to get Philly a couple of two-point conversions. As Yahoo! Sports pointed out, he was unable to get his team the conversions in two attempts in a game against the Green Bay Packers. Those conversions were about the only things the Eagles had problems executing in their 39-26 win over Green Bay, a team having a tough preseason of its own thanks to injuries.

On the first two-point attempt, Tim Tebow was stuffed on a run. On the second, the former Florida Gator superstar fielded a low snap, then tried to hit a quick slant to Nelson Agholor but Green Bay Packers cornerback Casey Hayward almost intercepted it and the pass fell incomplete. In regular action, Tim Tebow managed to complete two passes in two attempts for 15 yards. He also managed to rush for four yards.

Even though he did get a bit of success in his drives, it doesn’t appear Tim Tebow is going to win the starting job. Eagles starter Sam Bradford completed all 10 of his pass attempts for 131 yards and three touchdowns, showing that when he’s healthy he could be a very good NFL QB. So far, Bradford’s problem has been staying healthy.

ESPN.com reports Kelly has said that Tim Tebow will have to beat out a third quarterback in order to secure a roster spot. He added that the team didn’t sign him just to be a trick play guru. That seems to indicate that Tim Tebow won’t be able to stay on the team just as the guy who runs two-point conversions. This is especially true considering that particular play isn’t one NFL teams try all that often. Tim Tebow appears to be having his last chance. Fans will just have to wait and see whether he can make the most of it.

[Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images]