Lance Storm Slams The Young Bucks Over Segment With Young Fan, Says Spot ‘Disrespectful’ To Pro Wrestling

Lance Storm, who wrestled in the original ECW, as well as WCW and WWE, recently appeared on The Jim Cornette Experience podcast on MLW Radio (Episode #91) and discussed a number of aspects of his career and shared his opinions on the current state of the wrestling business.

Jim Cornette, who has something of a running feud with The Young Bucks, brought up segment involving the Bucks that received a lot of attention on the Internet earlier this summer in which the team worked a few spots with young fan. The in-ring moment, which included a spot in which the 8 year-old boy took a double superkick from the tag team, even garnered coverage from mainstream outlets including TMZ, which posted video of the moment with an article entitled, “The Young Bucks Wrestlers: Little Kid Took Our Best Move … Like a Pro.”

Cornette asked Lance Storm if he felt like the segment was appropriate given the child’s age and other factors, and Storm, who has a solid reputation as an accomplished technical wrestler and trainer, did not mince words regarding his displeasure with the spectacle.

“In my view, it’s disrespectful to the business,” said Storm. “We’re called professional wrestlers because we’re supposed to act in a professional manner and it’s not just because you get paid. And I think when you get the point of, ‘Aw, it’s just a show, who cares?’ then you don’t have respect for what we’re doing. I just have a real problem with it. I think … it takes the industry down.”

It’s worth noting that the above-noted situation involving the Bucks isn’t the first incident in the recent past in which the pro wrestling industry has evoked controversy regarding the presence of children in the ring. As reported by Inquisitr, a wrestling promotion in Georgia became the subject of criticism and controversy over its so-called “kids’ division.” But whether kids are mixing it up with other children or they’re acting out maneuvers with world famous wrestling veterans, Lance Storm doesn’t see any merit in such shenanigans.

“It’s [to] the point where you’re selling out the business in my opinion,” Storm said in his discussion about the Young Bucks and their brief spot with the young fan. “If you think for some reason this is good for the business and it’s going to create income for someone in the industry or promote the industry, then at least then you’re just mistaken. But if you’re doing it because you just don’t care or you’re doing it to get a rise out of the Jim Cornettes of the world that are just going to freak out, then you’re really just disrespecting the business because you’re just doing it to be spiteful.”

For their part, The Young Bucks are cavalier and unabashed regarding their penchant for doing things differently in today’s pro wrestling scene. Earlier this week Nick Jackson posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet that implicitly touted his team’s dynamic in-ring style.

Lance Storm isn’t likely to change his mind over the Bucks or, for that matter, any younger talent who runs afoul of wrestling veterans via the omnipresent social media scene. On Twitter, he shared his opinion that talent who are newer to the business should suck it up when they’re criticized by old-timers.

Irrespective of critiques by Jim Cornetter and Lance Storm, it’s hard to ignore the fact that The Young Bucks are making inroads in their careers as professional wrestlers. The real-life brothers are playing to big crowds in Japan, they are the current PWG tag champions, and the Bucks are on the roster of fledgling pro wrestling promotion Global Force Wrestling.

[Image via WWE]