Lindsay Lohan Drugged At Friend’s Wedding? Rumors Of Wild Behavior Pop Up Again

Was Lindsay Lohan drugged at the wedding of a friend? Reports have surfaced that Lohan acted outrageously at the wedding of a friend last week, and those reports reveal that Lohan blames the behavior on her being drugged by someone at the party.

Did someone slip a little something into Lohan’s glass?

That is the accusation, but there is more to this story. There always is when it comes to Lindsay Lohan. The actress has been living in London recently, and she attended the wedding of Justin Etzin in Italy last weekend.

The actress shared a photo of herself on Instagram from the event, and she wore a long flowing white gown to the event. That was the first big no-no at a wedding. The only woman allowed to wear white at a wedding is the bride, of course. The invites for the wedding called for “black tie and evening gowns.” Lindsay received a few comments on Instagram about the inappropriateness of her wearing white to a wedding.

What else do the reports have Lindsay Lohan doing at the wedding? There are several rumors about her behavior, and one wedding insider revealed that it was one thing after another for the singer. Daily Mail shared all of the inside scoop.

“The insider told the New York Post’s social section, that despite the numerous pictures posted by Lindsay and the happy couple of each other, the star lost interest during the actual ceremony. They said: ‘Lindsay was painting her nails during the ceremony and looking at her phone.’ At one of the parties in the lead up to Justin and Lana’s big day the actress also was not impressed with another guest. The flame-haired star was doing her best Paris Hilton impression and DJing at the couple’s Eyes Wide Shut themed party when she ‘got upset when she thought someone took her photo. She was speaking in a British accent, “Who took the photo? Don’t be an idiot.” She kept playing Brandy’s ‘The Boy Is Mine.’ “

Reports claim that Lohan left the festivities early, and she returned to her villa. In her room, friends claim she ran around naked and yelled about someone drugging her.

In addition to the wild behavior by Lohan, Gossip Cop reported that Lohan lost some jewelry at the event. She claimed that someone stole it from her at the wedding. This claim is raising some eyebrows, because Lohan was accused of stealing jewelry herself in the past.

Once the rumors about Lindsay’s behavior at the event hit the media, the representative for the groom decided to clear everything up. According to NBC Tulsa, the rep said that the reports were not true. Lohan’s own representative has not spoken up to clear the rumors yet.

Lohan is not a stranger to rumors and bad behavior. Her legal issues finally cleared up earlier this year, and she is off the hook for her past mistakes. However, she continues to land herself in hot water time and time again.

In the month of August alone, Lindsay has been in the news several times. At the start of the month, she was accused of running out on a $1,300 restaurant bill in Greece, according to Headline & Global News.

As the month continued, Perez Hilton reported that Lindsay was being sued by her former driver for nonpayment of money he earned in 2012.

“[Edson Ricci] says she needs to pay him for $26,400 of transportation services! Wow! But don’t forget that pesky hotel bill! Throw in another $1,439.18!1 Add up those two charges and it looks like Edson is claiming Linds has got $27,839.18 coming his way. Yikes!”

That is all for one month’s worth of work and a hotel bill he covered for her.

Lindsay has also raised eyebrows on Instagram, as well. According to the Daily Caller, the actress shared a very revealing topless photo of herself on Instagram at the start of the month. She covered up her breasts barely, but the photo is still not at all safe for work.

Lindsay was not the only celebrity to post a revealing topless photo on Instagram this month. Christina Aguilera also showed off her post-baby body on Instagram. The photo let the world know she is still in great shape.

As for Lindsay Lohan, it does appear that it is one thing after another for the actress. She has lived a troubled life. At the age of 29, her life has really only begun. She has a long life ahead of her, but she has to straighten her life out, too.

What do you think of Lindsay Lohan’s outrageous August?

[Photo by Ian Gavan / Getty Images]