Separating Madonna Facts From Fiction And Rumors On Upcoming Rebel Heart Tour

Madonna is going to kick off her Rebel Heart Tour in Montreal on September 9, and it's going to be another massive tour for the Queen of Pop. As usual, there are a lot of rumors being spread around and a lot of lies.

Perhaps the biggest lie being spread is that ticket sales are awful. Only a couple days after tickets went on sale, the New York Post declared the Rebel Heart Tour a flop.

"Madonna's 'Rebel Heart Tour' might better be called 'Like a Has-Been.'"
The article not only used false statistics to proclaim the tour a flop, but seemed like a definite hit-piece, especially since it was written only a couple days after tickets went on sale. The truth: early sales haven't been as brisk as previous tours. However, calling the tour a flop is misguided. Secondary shows have been added in several cities and Live Nation would not add shows if the first ones didn't sell well enough. Madonna is set to make at least $200 million on the Rebel Heart Tour -- not bad for a "has-been."

A lot of fans were surprised when they found out Mike Tyson would be involved with the opening number on the tour, "Iconic." However, according to an interview with TV Line, Mike Tyson filmed an intense video that opens up the show.

"It's just intense. I'm in a cage. I'm a hostage. I'm chained. I'm naked. I look like a savage. When I [shot] it it didn't seem that intense. But then you watch it and go, 'Whoa.' It was like [something out of] National Geographic… I need to be tamed, man."
There is no doubt social justice warriors will have a field day and call the video racist without understanding the context of the video or song, which is about breaking free from boundaries. However, just in case someone decides to use the term "racist" to describe the show, Madonna is heavily rumored to feature a black God and a white devil in the performance for "Devil Pray," a song about drug abuse. The rumor started on ATRL and has traveled to several Madonna sites. There hasn't been any confirmation of the rumor, but it sounds like it could be an interesting performance.

Madonna is also rumored to perform her longest-running No. 1 single "Take a Bow" for the first time ever in concert. Fans who bought tickets to see the Rebel Heart Tour might have spent a lot of money, but they are certainly in for a big treat.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]