WWE News: Hulk Hogan To Address Racist Comments On 'Good Morning America'

Hulk Hogan's name has escaped the media's attention since he was fired from the WWE for his numerous racist comments he made during a sex tape. At one point, Hogan was deleted from WWE's website and his likeness was nearly depleted from WWE's memory banks. Now, it appears the WWE is leaning back, as they added him back to the site.

The WWE Universe is still in search of one thing, and that is a response from Hulk Hogan that doesn't involve replies to Twitter questions. In breaking news that just surfaced moments ago, Hulk Hogan will finally go public with a response to the termination from the WWE, his racist comments, and much more.

"Hulk Hogan will address his lawsuit with Gawker on this Monday's episode of Good Morning America. As noted, Hogan is suing Gawker for releasing scenes from his sex tape with Heather Clem from 2005 and what led to him getting fired from WWE for making racist comments."
Ringside News also goes on to say that Hogan spoke with People Magazine and will be featured on an episode of Nightline about the story as well. The former-WWE champion has remained apathetic during this time and is still yearning for a WWE return.

He isn't the only one that isn't happy with the termination from the WWE. Chris Jericho spoke with the Huffington Post about how he defends Hulk Hogan and that the legend is really embarrassed.

"[I'm] surprised, absolutely, because Hulk's not like that. But we all say things in stupid times, in stupid ways. I'm sure you have, I'm sure I have. Whether it be those type of comments or any type of comment that's not correct, that's not right. But I think it's one of those deals where, as a friend, you've got to stick by your friends in good times and bad times. And I don't condone it, and I'm surprised, but a friend is a friend.

"I do feel bad for him. I feel bad for everyone involved. I feel bad for people of color or any type of race that are fans of his. You do feel a little bit let down. But I know this: nobody feels more let down than he does. I think he feels really embarrassed and really bad about it."

Hogan's appearance on GMA will help his case, while boosting WWE's name in the national media. A situation may arise where Hogan does this TV spot and the WWE could see it and decide to talk to him once again. More information will come out once Hogan's appearance on TV occurs.

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