'Fear The Walking Dead' Star Frank Dillane Says His Character 'Doesn't Have Much To Live For,' Plus Preview Episode 2

AMC's newest zombie drama Fear the Walking Dead premiered this past Sunday with record breaking success. In fact, according to Movie Web, the new series became the most-watched show ever on a Sunday night, taking in a 5.0 rating with over 10 million viewers. With the opening episode being such a huge success, star Frank Dillane recently interviewed with the NY Times and discussed his part in the show.

Dillane, who is known for his role as Tom Marvolo Riddle in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, plays Madison's (Kim Dickens) son and junkie, Nick, in Fear the Walking Dead. Not only is Nick a part of the main character's family, he is also the first person in the show to encounter a zombie, who also happened to be his girlfriend.

"His father died, which informs a lot. With the absence of a father, anything goes, doesn't it?" Dillane explained, referencing his character's back history. "And his girlfriend was the first person to get infected. He doesn't have much to live for."

With Dillane playing the role of a drug abuser and estranged son, the actor also opened up about how the role has started to affect his personal life.

"Only yesterday it occurred to me that I have this want inside, that I'm very unsettled at the moment. And a friend said it's probably because I'd been playing an addict for so long. You don't realize until afterwards that if you feed the subconscious, it will bleed into your everyday life."
Meanwhile, following the success of the opening episode, many fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment. With that in mind, what is in store for Travis (Cliff Curtis), Madison, Nick, Alicia (Alycia Debnam), and Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie) as the series enters its second episode?

Luckily, a trailer was aired following the first episode that offers a glimpse into what we can expect to go down in the series this week. The trailer mainly focuses on Travis and Madison as they attempt to leave Los Angeles in light of the zombie virus.

Additionally, the trailer shows a few clips of more infected people getting gunned down by police officers as the virus continues to spread. This indicates that things are going to develop fairly rapidly as Travis and Madison make plans to protect their family.

The next episode of Fear the Walking Dead is set to air Sunday night on AMC, check out a preview below.


[Image Courtesy: AMC]