‘Bachelorette’ Star Nick Viall Has Breakup Advice For You

No one knows breakups quite like Nick Viall. The software sales executive — as he’s billed on his official Bachelorette profile — came in second two seasons in a row on the televised dating fiesta. That means he was “close, but no cigar” not once, but twice. Since ABC declined to make him the new Bachelor, Viall has gone on to other pursuits. Those pursuits include a personal website, where he blogs about what he knows best.

Part of what he knows best, apparently, is breaking up. And while his six tips for dealing with a breakup contain some sensible advice, some are quite ironic given his Bachelorette history. Take, for example, his recommendation to “vent a little,” by possibly writing a letter. Notably, for Bachelorette fans, he denies you should write a letter in an attempt to get your ex back. Instead, it should be a means of looking ahead to the future without that relationship.

“[W]hether it’s by writing a letter or having that one last conversation with the ex, getting what you have to say out in the open can be a great start to moving on.

“One important thing to remember here is that this is about venting as a means to moving forward, not venting as a means to win him or her back. Honestly, in the history of breakups, how many letters or conversations really won anyone back?”

Fans who watched Viall get his heart broken by Andi Dorfman remember he wrote her a letter after she chose Josh Murray as the winner of her season. ABC posted the contents of that letter, and Us Weekly quoted Viall as saying he was not ashamed of what he had to say. That letter, released in July of 2014, had little to do with moving on.

“I realize I have to move on and I mean it when I say that if you’re truly happy with your decision and I haven’t been a thought on your mind, then I want that happiness to continue for you. If I have to move on, I will look to find amazing with someone else [and] know that some day I will. I just know I would much rather turn my life upside down and risk it all to have amazing with you.”

Dorfman eventually broke up with Josh Murray. Viall went on to court Kaitlyn Bristowe on the most recent season of The Bachelorette.

Viall’s other breakup advice is to stay positive (“lie a little”), stop reminiscing, have some “me” time and don’t force the next round of dating. And if all else fails, watch a funny movie. Viall recommends Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

[Photo by Jeff Schear / Getty Images Entertainment]