Google Video Explains Email, Begs You Not To Take It For Granted

We all use email. Many of us are addicted to it, automatically reaching for our smartphones every time they beep with the tone indicating an incoming message. Email ubiquitous and many of us have forgotten the amazing technological feats and the development over many years that have led us to where we now stand.

None of us question the incredible speed at which messages can find us anywhere we are around the world when, only a few short years ago, we would have to wait days for snail mail to arrive or wait until we arrived home to dial in to AOL to get our messages. With the convenience of always on, push email we have lost a little of the wonder we all first felt when we heard an automated voice intone “You have mail!”

Google, by way of its new website the Story of Send, has decided to educate us about what it takes to make an email go from your smartphone in New York to your friend’s tablet in Shanghai.

You can see a flash animation explaining the process over at Google’s Website by clicking here.

Of course, much of this site is just corporate PR toting how environmentally responsible Google is, but its still an interesting and worthwhile diversion.