June 29, 2017
Tamra Judge Says Ex Simon Barney Leaked Court Docs, Is Brainwashing Daughter

Tamra Judge is once again publicly lashing out at her ex-husband, Simon Barney, via the media. Immediately after Radar Online reported on Friday that court documents show that Tamra and Simon's oldest daughter, Sidney, recently requested that she not be forced to continue therapy sessions with Tamra, Tamra tweeted the links to articles that claim that Simon is brainwashing Sidney and that it was Simon who leaked the court documents in an attempt to vilify Tamra.

When Tamra joined The Real Housewives of Orange County in the third season, she was married to Simon, with whom she has three children. They have since divorced and Tamra is currently married to Eddie Judge. Since the demise of their marriage, Tamra and Simon have been embroiled in a nasty child custody case. Sidney is currently living full time with her dad, under the condition that she attend therapy with Tamra to work out their issues with one another.

Court documents obtained by Radar Online show that Sidney went to the court house during her parents' latest court date, on Monday, August 24, and "expressed a desire to speak with the court." She subsequently met with a judge in closed chambers. The court documents state that the judge found Sidney "extraordinary [sic] reluctant to see and have a relationship with her mother" and that Simon is "not involved in any alienating conduct in this case."

The court documents go on to state that "it is clear" that Sidney "does NOT wish to participate and will not go to 'Overcoming Barrios' [sic] with her mother." Overcoming Barriers' website state that it is a family intervention program for "when children resist contact with a parent." The court concluded that "it is not in the best interest" of Sidney to require her to attend the program with Sidney.

Tamra Barney fought back by retweeting the link to a Real Mr. Housewife article that states that Tamra is worried sick about Simon brainwashing Sidney.

According to Tamra, Simon is not only brainwashing Sidney, he was also the one responsible for airing out case details. She tweeted the link to an article that concluded that it must have been Simon who gave the court documents to Radar.
The article, posted on Real Mr. Housewife, a website that covers The Real Housewives of Orange County and the other Real Housewives shows, quotes Tamra's lawyer as stating that only Tamra and Simon had access to the transcripts.
"I called the court and contacted the court reporter. The only one that could get the transcripts from the chambers is either Tamra or Simon."
The website also got a quote from Tamra Judge, who criticized Simon Barney and sarcastically called him "father of the year."
"My attorney requested a closed court room because of the sensitivity, and in return, Simon leaked information to the press. Father of the year!"
[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images]