‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: Week 10 Head Of Household Crowned, Nominations Loom

Week 10 has started in the Big Brother 17 house. As viewers saw Thursday night, John and Steve were on the block, but Johnny Mac was evicted. However, everybody was also prepared for a jury member to return to the house, and fans are curious to see how this will play out this week. Everybody was left hanging at the end of Thursday’s episode regarding the next Head of Household, but plenty transpired overnight. What are the latest Big Brother 17 spoilers from the house?

Johnny Mac may have been evicted Thursday, but he turned around and won the opportunity to head right back into the house. Though viewers will have to wait until Sunday’s show to see it play out on CBS, Big Brother 17 spoilers from Big Brother Network indicate that Vanessa and John were the last two in the Head of Household competition and Vanessa won.

With Vanessa in charge, does that mean that the targets will be a repeat of what everybody saw in Week 9? Some BB17 fans expected that this would be the case, but some live feed Big Brother spoilers indicate that things may head in another direction.

Though many BB17 fans would love to see Vanessa make a big move to break up Austin, Liz, and Julia, at this point it doesn’t look like she’s going to do it. She’s promised them safety this week, though she has made a lot of promises to a lot of people already.

Big Brother spoilers detail that Vanessa and John talked overnight. Many watching the live feeds had wondered if he threw the HOH competition to Vanessa, and it seems he did.

John indicated that he didn’t accept an offer to hand Vanessa the HOH because he didn’t want it to make it look like they’re working together. Vanessa promises him that he’ll be safe, and it does seem that she plans on keeping her word on that front.

As BuddyTV details, Austin, Liz, and Julia are anxious to see Johnny Mac evicted again in Week 10. Of course, Meg and James are hoping that Vanessa will nominate Steve and John once again.

Potentially complicating things is that Vanessa did make a promise to James that she wouldn’t nominate him the next time she was HOH. However, it is sounding like she’s planning to back out of that deal.

As the houseguests all buzzed overnight, James and Meg seemingly felt fairly safe at first. Big Brother spoilers detail that as the night went on, however, they started to squirm a bit. From the sounds of things, however, Vanessa will be nominating Meg and James at some point on Friday and they’re not quite going to see it coming.

Based on the overnight rumblings, it sounds awfully likely that either Meg or James will be heading home this coming week. Considering the buzz about a double eviction ahead, it could well be that they’ll both be out come Thursday night. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers as the nominations are made and the Power of Veto competition is played.

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