Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘Terminator Genisys’ Rakes In $37.9M In China After Two Days Of Screening

Arnold Shwarzenegger's Terminator Genisys got a major boost from China after over a month's run in the United States garnered the film a disappointing $111 million to defray a $155 million production cost. However, the Terminator franchise posted $27.4 million on Sunday, August 23, 2015, at the end of its first day at the Chinese box office, pumping up its worldwide gross to $335.1 million. An additional $10.5 million earned on Monday gave Terminator Genisys a two-day cumulative total of $37.9 million from China.

According to Time, the fifth installment of the sci-fi franchise showed mediocre figures at the box office in the U.S. after opening in advance of the July 4 weekend. The take from Terminator Genisys' debut weekend was $27 million as compared to Jurassic World's opening weekend revenue of about $209 million.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the publicity trail in China days prior to his film's release in the giant Asian market under shaky circumstances due to the devaluation of the yuan and its adverse effects on the stock market.

Financial analysts had their say about Terminator Genisys' phenomenal success in China. In The Wrap, senior analyst Phil Contrino explained why a country struggling to put its financial indexes under control, would be the game changer for Schwarzenegger's film.

"With their economy in the dumps right now, we don't really know what to expect. But we do know that when the most recent U.S. recession was at its peak, there was a huge rush to the movies. When times are tough, people look for ways to escape some harsh realities, and movies are one of the most affordable ways to do that."
Every year, China has been implementing a two-month blackout period during which the screening of foreign films is deferred in favor of its own domestic productions. For 2015, the blackout started on June 19, which allowed Jurassic World a good run prior to the cutoff.

His Chinese trip during the blackout gave Schwarzenegger an opportunity to engage Chinese moviegoers awaiting the return of the Hollywood offerings. He appeared on the popular show, The Voice of China, with Taiwanese celebrity Jay Chou, and they discussed the possibility of a musical based on the Terminator concept.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Schwarzenegger also had dinner with a top-ranked Shanghainese director-producer, Ng See-yuen, who collaborated with Jackie Chan in a few projects. Ng's involvement with the martial arts star resulted in such memorable films as Snake in the Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who turned 68 on July 30, also did some personal housekeeping in the midst of his hectic film promotion. He celebrated his birthday with estranged wife Maria Shriver (their divorce filed in 2011 but not yet finalized) at a Beverly Hills hotel, in the company of their four children Katherine, Christina, Patrick, and Christopher. He continues to refer to 59-year-old Maria, whom he married in 1986, as his "wife."

Conspicuously absent was Schwarzenegger's love child Joseph Baena, from family maid Mildred Baena, and reportedly the reason for the divorce.

During his birthday weekend, he also spent some separate time cycling with his new girlfriend, 40-year-old physical therapist Heather Mulligan. It was a Sunday bike ride in Santa Monica, during which witnesses saw her trying to catch up with the pedal-pushing action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger.

[Photo by Kevin Lee/Getty Images]