Margot Robbie Is 'Petrified' Of 'Suicide Squad' Co-Star Jared Leto

Filming on Suicide Squad has wrapped and the actors portraying our favorite supervillains are free to go back to their lives, but that may be easier said than done for actress Margot Robbie. In a recent interview with the Daily News, Margot admitted to being more than a little fearful of her former co-star, Jared Leto.

"What he's doing with the character is so cool. At first it was kind of confronting (to be up close) but now I'm so used to it, I think if I ever saw him out of makeup now I would be really confused," Ms. Robbie said. "Actually, I saw him out of makeup once and I was actually petrified of him. I was too scared to go up and didn't know who that person was, and when he got back into his makeup I was far more comfortable."

Margot said a big part of her nervousness comes from the subject matter of the Suicide Squad film in general, which creates an aura of unpredictability around all of the characters.

"I guess the one common denominator is we're all bad guys, it just makes everything more fun that way," Ms. Robbie said. "The scenes are more interesting I feel, when you just don't know how the characters are going to react, especially with Harley, who's absolutely nuts… she's either going to kill you or laugh and give you a hug."

While Robbie does play a villain-turned-reluctant-hero in Suicide Squad, the actress was all too eager to join her co-star, Jai Courtney, in an off-screen mission to help the needy, according to E! News. Robbie and Courtney took the time to visit a Toronto girl's lemonade stand this past weekend. As Margot points out, this particular lemonade stand was special in that all the proceeds go to aiding in the treatment of the neurological illness afflicting the girl's brother.

"I used to do little stands like this when I was little and I'd just spend the profits on lollies at the corner store," said Margot. "I'm glad she's doing something far more noble with the cause."

Na'ama Uzan's older brother, Nadav, suffers from Angelman syndrome, causing the seven-year-old to suffer from frequent seizures, as well as impairing his ability to speak and walk. Eager to help her brother, Na'ama opened the lemonade stand in 2014 and has raised more than $64,000 for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics.

"I heard about Na'ama's story and what she's doing for her brother Nadav," Suicide Squad's Jai Courtney said. "There's no act too small when you're talking about making a difference."

Suicide Squad is scheduled for an August 5, 2016 theatrical release.

[Featured image: Margot Robbie courtesy of Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Dodge]