Florida Students Have Sex After Allegedly Hacking Boy To Death With Machete

Four Florida students have reportedly confessed to the horrific murder of a 17-year-old boy, and the details surrounding the incident are gruesome. HLNTV reports that Jonathan Lucas, Desiray Strickland, Kaheem Arbelo, and Christian Colon took part in the machete slaying of Jose Santos Amaya Guardado before burying his body in a shallow grave. That’s not the only sickening detail in this case.

The four students reportedly lured their victim to a wooded area not far from the Job Corps campus, where they all attended classes. Once Guardado was lured into the woods, he was stricken and slashed repeatedly with a machete, which reportedly caved his face and skull in over the course of the attack. At one point, the only female in the group of Florida students expressed disappointment that she had missed part of the murder, because she had to pee in the bushes, according to the arrest report.

To make the gruesome crime all the more disturbing, Strickland, 18, reportedly stayed behind with one of the young men after the other admitted killers went back to class. They allegedly had sex near the grave of the young man they had just brutally murdered. Within three days the decomposing body of Jose Guardado was found by his own brother. By this point his body had become only partially buried. It didn’t take long for the four Florida students to confess to the murder, among other sick details in the crime.

New York Daily News shares another disturbing detail in this already horrifying case of murder. The 17-year-old murder victim was reportedly still alive when he was buried in the shallow grave. Furthermore, a fifth suspect may be arrested soon, but his or her name has not yet been revealed. Authorities in Miami believe that the murder had been planned for two weeks in advance.

This isn’t the only time a gruesome murder has been committed by students attending Job Corps. Back in January 1995, a young woman named Christa Pike brutally murdered 19-year-old Colleen Slemmer. Not only did Christa carve a pentagram into the young woman’s abdomen, she also kept a chunk of her bloodied skull as a keepsake, showing it off to other students on the Job Corps campus. In 1983, a 17-year-old Virginia student reportedly killed a Job Corps employee. The same young man reportedly escaped from a juvenile facility later that year.

All four of the Florida students in this latest slaying are being held in jail without bond.

Photo: FLDE mugshots