‘Elemental Evil’ Update Raises The Level Cap, Adds The Oathbound Paladin To Xbox One’s ‘Neverwinter’ In September


With over two million players on Xbox One, Neverwinter continues to be an asset to the platform’s free-to-play library. Although a little behind the PC version and absent of the player-created Foundry, Neverwinter on the Xbox One offers a truly immense MMO experience on the console. However, with the next update, the Xbox One version of the game is about to grow with content available in four of its previously released PC modules.

“Elemental Evil” was the sixth module or free expansion to release for Neverwinter on the PC. When it released on Xbox One, Neverwinter started on the fourth module “Tyranny of Dragons” with elements from other expansions peppered in periodically. The console expanded to include the “Rise of Tiamat” module in June as reported by the Inquisitr. Now heroes on the Xbox One will be able to enjoy content from “Elemental Evil,” the sixth module and additional content from the first three modules released on PC.

All four expansions will be added to Xbox One’s Neverwinter on September 8 according to the game’s official site. Alongside a number of new zones, new quests, and new dungeons, the new Oathbound Paladin class and a level cap of 70 will be implemented with the patch. Considering it will contain four modules’ worth of content, players can expect four campaigns to complete with its release as well.


The Arc Games handbook on the Oathbound Paladin specifies that the class can be either a tank or a healer depending on their Paragon Path. Their class mechanic is a passively and actively generated resource called Divine Call. By using a number of Divine Call charges, Oathbound Paladins can perform powerful heals or effective taunts depending on their path. The general use of Divine Calls will do both with less potency.

Oathbound Paladin players will also utilize a number of auras that buff nearby allies or harm nearby foes. For example, the Aura of Courage buffs the paladin and its allies with 30 feet to “deal bonus damage equal to a percentage” of the Paladin’s maximum health pool. The Aura of Wisdom, on the other hand, gives the player and allies a 10 percent increased recharged speed. There is even an Aura of Solitude which buffs the Paladin’s damage and healing when no allies are within range.

Neverwinter is, of course, available right now on the Xbox One for free. The free-to-play title also utilizes an in-game Zen Market where players can use Zen, purchased with real money or traded for with Astral Diamonds, to buy mounts, boosts, companions, and more. Are you playing Neverwinter on the Xbox One yet?

[Images via Xbox]