Reality Star Leah Messer Claims The Only Addiction She Has Is Her Children

Reality star Leah Messer may have been accused of having a “drug problem” by her first husband, Corey Simms, and an “addiction issue” by second husband, Jeremy Calvert, but according to her, the only things she’s addicted to are her three daughters, Adalynn Faith, 2, and twins Ali and Aleeah, 5.

On August 27, the reality star shared the following message with fans on Facebook.

“Articles was printed over me posting the Serenity Prayer. FYI… The “Serenity Prayer” isn’t just a prayer for people who have an addiction. That is like saying the “LORDS PRAYER” is only for Christians. My ONLY addiction is MY CHILDREN.”

Since the end of last year, when her second husband filed for divorce, the reality star has been accused of abusing prescription drugs. When she took to Facebook earlier this week to share a meme, which featured the Serenity Prayer used for decades by Narcotics Anonymous, tongues began wagging in regard to a possible admission. However, the reality star hasn’t admitted to anything, despite what’s been said online and in the press.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the reality star is confronted by her first husband, Corey Simms, and his current wife, Miranda, on tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom 2 after she reveals the news of her plans to go to a treatment center to address her issues. In a sneak peek at tonight’s show, shared by Starcasm, Corey Simms tells his former wife, the mother of his twin girls, that he feels she’s hiding her alleged drug problem.

“Do you think that after you go to this rehab, that you’re going to be better, you’re going to be able to deal with things?” Miranda asks the reality star of her treatment plan.

“Oh yeah! I feel like me going there, I’m going to be able to be a better mom and be the best mom that I can be,” the reality star responds.

“So you are owning up to — that you haven’t been able to be the best, like, person for your kids? Are you owning up to that?” Miranda then asks.

Although the reality star won’t admit to being an unfit parent, she said she was dealing with a lot, but didn’t go into detail.

“We understand what you deal with. We’re saying is there something that you take to deal with that problem?” Corey asks, hinting at the reality star’s possible addiction.

However, the reality star confirmed to her ex there is “no drug problem.”

“I think I know that there’s a drug problem, and I think that you’re afraid to tell me,” he tells her.

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[Photo via Facebook]