Bryce Williams On Twitter: Photos From Bryce’s Twitter Account, Facebook Feed Show Williams Looking Back Over His Life

The horrendous actions of Bryce Williams in the shooting deaths of Alison Parker and Adam Ward — before turning the gun on himself and eventually committing suicide — have people examining Bryce’s Twitter and Facebook accounts for more details. Although both of Williams’ Facebook and Twitter accounts have been made unavailable to the public, Bryce’s Twitter account is still available via Google’s cache as of this writing.

A previous coworker, Larell Reynolds, said Bryce couldn’t take criticism when he worked with Williams. The former WDBJ employee told CNN that police were on the scene after Bryce was fired — and the way Williams reacted when he was fired caused WDBJ employees to fear for their own safety. Reynolds said computer monitors were thrown on the ground during the firing and that Williams threw a tantrum. The building was eventually put on lockdown because of Bryce’s behavior after his firing. Bryce told Larell, Reynolds remembered, that they needed to stick together, insinuating that he and Larell and other blacks in the company needed to stick together.

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Meanwhile, the plans Bryce made in renting a car as a getaway after the shooting point to the premeditation of the act. Also, the penning of a 23-page manifesto sent to ABC News reveals that Williams admired other shooters recently in the news.

Bryce was fired in 2000 in Tallahassee from his job due to very odd behavior. A lawsuit was settled out of court — but alleged that Williams said another coworker called black people lazy and that Bryce was reportedly called a monkey. An article titled “News anchor sues” by Yanela Gordon appeared in part in Williams’ Twitter feed.

“A year ago when Vester Flanagan came to Tallahassee excited about his new career as anchor-reporter at NBC News Channel 40…”

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Other than that, Bryce’s Twitter feed shows lots of photos from his past — long term and recent past — and smacks to experts of the kind of moves made by a man who knew he would soon kill himself. Williams posted photos on August 19 with descriptions that read “At United Healthcare in Roanoke” and “My sexy bedroom” and others.

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One photo posted to Bryce’s timeline shows Williams with people that the description says are his parents.

“High school graduation w/mother & father.”

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“And, wasn’t I a cute baby? ;-)”

To read the tweets of Bryce in the wake of the horrendous crime are jarring.

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Plenty of photos prove that Bryce apparently had a thing for modeling.

“Hell yeah I’ve been a high paid ‘companion.’ You wish u could too!! Lol”

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Other photos speak to him being disallowed from celebrating birthdays as a Jehovah’s Witness.

“Ooooooh as a Jehovah’s Witness I wasn’t supposed 2b celebrating b-days but ‘mommy’ was cool ( most of the time) lol”

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Oddly enough, prior to the horrific shooting video from a first-person perspective on Facebook, Bryce posted a video of his cats.

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“I miss my cats!!”

Other photos from Bryce’s Twitter page claim to be taken while Williams worked at a “worker’s comp company in Roanoke,” and those that were modeling headshots “used for getting acting/modeling gigs way back when.”

Tweets from Bryce that appeared on the news, such as one claiming “Alison made racist comments” and that Ward went to HR about Williams, do not show up on the Google cache of the Twitter account.

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